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2016 Bad Decisions Campout

If you feel like making some very good bad decisions this weekend, AZ Hops & Vines has your back.

August 8, 2016

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What: AZ Hops & Vines Bad Decisions Camp Out
When: Saturday, August 13th – Sunday August 14th
Where: AZ Hops & Vines, 3450 Highway 82, Sonoita, Arizona 85637

It’s time for the best worst decision you’ll make all year (maybe). If you know of Hops & Vines, then you likely know about the legendary party they throw once a year: The Bad Decisions Bacon, Chocolate, and Booze Campout and Meteor Shower. You will literally be seeing stars! Hops & Vines will be pouring wine alongside other Sonoita faves including Kief Joshua Winery, Lightning Ridge Vineyards and Carlson Creek. Whiskey Del Bac, The Independent Distillery, and Elgin Distillery will be there serving their non-wine spirits. And remember: this will be an overnight campout—which means that everyone can partake, since there’s no DD needed!

This won’t be your ordinary campout under the stars either. This particular meteor shower is slated to put on a spectacular show. The annual Perseid meteor shower is a result of the Earth plowing into debris left behind from Comet Swift-Tuttle. The Perseids will be in “outburst” this year which means they’ll appear at double the usual rates – which could mean seeing up to 200 meteors per hour. The shower will come from the northeast starting after about midnight (you’ll likely be up anyways).

In the morning, you’ll get to enjoy muffins and mimosas—or as I’d like to put it, you’ll have a breakfast of champions.

Covert Mission Games will be there, hosting a real-life spy game: a covert mission called Operation: Bad Habit.  You can reserve your spot and read more about the game here.  For questions, please contact or call/text (480) 630-8579.


$30 for Bad Decisions (10am-6pm), includes Over 21 Drinking Wristband, souvenir wine glass, and ten tasting tickets. Bacon, treats, chocolate, and all other food is not included.

$80 for the whole shebang (this is per person pricing) – includes Over 21 Drinking Wristband souvenir wine glass, ten tasting tickets, and camping pass. (food not included). Roll in around 10AM to set up your campsite!

You can buy your tickets here.

The 10 Commandments

AZ Hops & Vines has set up a few guidelines to ensure everyone has a good time. Please observe the following (taken from their website):

1) Don’t be a jerk. (All jerks will be charged an asshole tax of $100.00. We reserve the right to kick you out.)
3) Arizona Hops and Vines is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property. Hops and Vines is not liable for any injury, death, or bad decisions. That includes ended relationships, weight gain, hangovers and any awkward encounters.
4) Do not fall into the fountain or let your children fall in the fountain.
5) DO NOT GO INTO THE ANIMAL PEN. THEY BITE. (Scottish people should especially stay away from the sheep.)
7) All animals should be kept on a leash, and all poop must be put in a bag.
8) Respect the Arizona Hops and Vines property. Pee and poop in the Porta Pottys, NO puking anywhere but into a toilet.
9) No driving through the campsite after 6PM.
10) NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL (Automatically kicked out for that one). NO OPEN FIRES.

See ya there!

Header image by Laura Horley, from her post about last year’s Bad Decision’s Campout.

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