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45 Local Products to
Pick up at Time Market

45 local products that will make you love where you live.

November 20, 2017

Local Finds

Have you been to Time Market? It took me five years to step foot in the market-café-restaurant-bar, but that first time was magical (and habit forming). The high ceilings, wood floors, and hunger-inducing smell of freshly baked bread make it easy to spend hours at Time Market eating outrageously delicious (and huge) pizza slices, perusing the carefully curated aisles of market goods, and talking with the friendly faces that make Time feel like the ultimate neighborhood market. The cherry on top of this Tucson gem? They carry a huge number of local goods–everything from bok choy to hot sauce–that highlight the incredible local farmers, artisans, and florists in Baja Arizona. Here are a few (okay, 45) local products we love from Time Market.


Time Market has a wonderful selection of produce. It may appear small, but the produce section is packed with fresh fruits and vegetables–including some locally grown options! While their local produce selection changes with the seasons, you’re sure to find something delicious to try. Here are the local fruits and vegetables that Time Market had in stock when I visited on November 15.

Medjool Dates: These sweet dates could easily be mistaken for caramel. Eat these Patagonia Orchards dates by themselves, with a sprinkle of sea salt, or in our recipe for Tortoise Bites$8.99

Medjool dates are perfect by themselves or in a dessert recipe.

Black Sphinx Dates: This rare variety of dates is noticeably different from more common varieties, like medjool and deglet dates. Deep brown in color, moist, and sweet, these local dates make the perfect snack. $7.99

These local dates are perfect for snacking on.

Basil: The local basil from Merchant’s Garden is intensely sweet and fragrant. It’s so good, in fact, that many of Tucson’s artisan pizzaiolos use it on their artisan pizzas. Pick up a bunch to add to your own pizza, frittata, or caprese salad. $16.99/lb

Pick up a bunch of the basil that some of Tucson’s finest chefs use.

Radishes: Peppery and crispy radishes like these local gems are perfect for adding crunch to a salad. Or, eat them the French way–with a little bread, butter, and salt. $2.29/bunch

Crispy local radishes taste great in a salad.

Garlic: At the core of almost every great meal is garlic. Pick up a few heads of the good stuff at Time Market to make sure are you always have it on hand. $5.99/lb

Keep some local garlic on hand so that you can always make a great meal.

Bok Choy: These spicy seasonal greens are great in a veggie stir fry or sautéed with some of that wonderful local garlic you have on hand. $3.99/lb

Use your local bok choy in a variety of delicious dishes.

Pantry Staples

From local grains to raw honey, the selection of pantry staples at Time Market is extensive. Keep a few of these on hand for your everyday cooking and baking needs.

Hayden Flour Mills Flours: Time Market’s selection of Hayden Flour Mills products might be the most extensive in Tucson. These heritage grain flours are sure to make your baked goods taste unique and delicious. $7.99-8.99

You’ll find a variety of Hayden Flour Mills flour at Time Market.

You’ll find a variety of Hayden Flour Mills flour at Time Market.

Hayden Flour Mills Cornmeal and Polenta: Homemade cornbread and grits will taste wonderful when made with local cornmeal and polenta. $8.99-9.99

Local grains are fresh and flavorful.

Hayden Flour Mills Pancake Mixes: Time Market knows what the people want. That’s why they carry three different varieties of Hayden Flour Mills pancake mix. We’re talking Purple Barley (so pretty), Red Fife Wheat, and White Sonora. They’ll undoubtedly make your next brunch a smash hit. $6.99

With three different local pancake mixes to choose from, your next brunch is guaranteed to be great.

Hayden Flour Mills Farro Berries: These whole grains are perfect for cooking up and adding to a salad! $7.79

These healthy whole grains are great for bulking up a salad.

Bird’s Nest Granola: With three different varieties of Bird’s Nest Granola, Time Market really has your breakfast needs covered. Choose from Cranberry Flax, Sonoran Blend, or Rosemary Raisin (or buy all three!). You can even find single-serving packages of this granola in the dairy section next to the yogurt. $2.99-9.49

Choose from three varieties of local granola.

Cholla Buds: You know you live in Baja Arizona when cholla buds fall under the category of “pantry staples.” Once rehydrated, these are great in salads, salsas, and tacos. $15.99

In Baja Arizona, cholla buds are a pantry staple.

Raw Honey: Time Market carries raw honey from both the San Xavier Co-op and Happy Bear. Raw local honey is a great way to treat seasonal allergies. Stir it into a cup of tea, use it to sweeten homemade muffins, or spread it on a slice of good bread. $10.99-14.99

Raw local honey is a natural remedy for seasonal allergies.

Chili Paste: Add this flavorful chili paste to stews, marinades, and curries for an extra kick that’s sure to clear out your sinuses. $4.49

Local chili paste is a great way to add a kick to your recipes.

Dried Rosemary: This locally grown dried rosemary is great to keep in the pantry. Add it to minestrone, toss it with roasted root vegetables, or use it to flavor a batch of savory scones. $4.39

Locally grown dried rosemary is a spice staple.

Mesquite Flour: This is a great way to try out mesquite flour before you harvest your own pods and mill them yourself! $9.99

Buy a bag of mesquite flour to get familiar with this native Sonoran Desert food.

Wheat Berries: These fresh wheat berries make for a great toothy salad. Keep them on hand to toss with seasonal roasted veggies for a quick and delicious meal.  $4.49

Toss cooked wheat berries with seasonal veggies for a great meal.

Dried Beans: There’s nothing quite like a pot of freshly cooked beans. Somehow, they make burritos, rice and beans, and chili even more satisfying. $7.19-9.49

Cook your own beans to make homemade meals even more delicious.

Ground Chile Powder: The ultimate pantry spice, fresher than ever. Use it in everything from grilled meat to fruit salad. $3.99

This fresh chili powder is versatile and spicy.

Chiltepin Powder: It’s things like the chiltepin that make Baja Arizona so unique. This ground chiltepin powder is guaranteed to add a lot of spice to anything you put it in. Use accordingly. $4.49-8.99

The best way to feel like you’re in Baja Arizona is to add a dash of chiltepin to everything you eat!

Mano y Metate Mole Spice Blends: If you need s little help perfecting your mole recipe, look no further than Mano y Metate’s spice blends. Your tastebuds will thank you. $6.99

These spice blends are the secret to a killer mole recipe.

Freshly Baked Bread: If you haven’t tried Time Market’s freshly baked bread, stop everything you’re doing and check it off your bucket list. Their naturally leavened, daily baked baguettes, pain au levain, and walnut loaves are good for everything from sandwiches to Thanksgiving stuffing. $3.75-7

Nothing beats a loaf of freshly baked bread–especially the kind from Time Market.

Flour and Corn Tortillas: Time Market knows that Baja Arizonans are serious about their tortillas. That’s why they carry freshly made tortillas from Alejandro’s. Use them for tacos and quesadillas, or eat them just as they come–you really can’t go wrong. $1.49

Time Market carries some of the best tortillas in town to satisfy your needs.


“Time Market is serious about local condiments” is an understatement. Their vast selection of local hot sauce is staggering and, frankly, extremely satisfying. I believe it’s always a good idea to keep a bottle of good hot sauce on hand for huevos rancheros, homemade burritos, and my ghost-pepper-lovin’ brother-in-law.

Poblano: The one, the only, Poblano hot sauce. If you search “Tucson” on Google, Poblano is probably the first result (okay, it’s not). This fiery hot sauce has a special place in Tucson’s heart (and pantry). $3.49

Keep a bottle of Poblano hot sauce on hand at all times.

Homeboy’s Hot Sauces: Time Market carries three varieties of Homeboy’s hot sauces (verde, jalapeño, and habañero), so they must be good. Let’s be honest: homeboy always has your back. $7.99

Homeboy always delivers–especially when it comes to spicing up your life.

Hot Picante Sauce: Something spicy is coming out of Tumacacori. This hot picante sauce, made with jalapeño peppers, is the perfect way to bring some heat to everything you eat. $4.79

This jalapeño-filled hot sauce brings some heat to the table.

Chipotle Habeñero Pepper Sauce: This pepper-packed hot sauce isn’t for the faint of heart. You never know what you’ll get in the wild, wild west–especially when it comes to hot sauce! Time Market also carries Arizona Gunslinger’s Jalapeño Pepper Sauce. $3.19

This loaded hot sauce isn’t for the faint of heart.

Chubasco: These all-natural hot sauces are perfect for those who are watching their sodium intake and who take spice seriously. Try one, two, or three flavors of Chubasco hot sauce at Time Market. $4.99

Chubasco’s all-natural, low-sodium hot sauce is spicy and flavorful.


Who doesn’t love a great snack? Time Market carries a few varieties of crunchy, creamy, and healthy local snacks that are perfect for fulfilling your snacking needs.

Ice Cream: Time Market’s freezer section is stocked with various flavors of Isabella’s Ice Cream–small batch ice cream that’s made locally with natural ingredients. Treat yourself to a single serving, or buy some to keep in the freezer for later (or, like, an hour after you buy it). $3.49-5.99

Locally made ice cream is the perfect cure for a sweet tooth.

Energy Bars: The people behind Tucson-based R Bar Energy know that food should be simple. That’s why their fruit-and-nut bars contain seven natural ingredients or less. Time Market carries a great variety of R Bar flavors, including newly released flavors like chocolate espresso and blueberry breakfast (yum!). $1.99

R Bars are a great way to fuel a busy day.

Popcorn: Time Market carries the largest selection of Popped popcorn flavors that I’ve ever seen, and I am thankful for it. Feeling salty? Try the rosemary popcorn. Feeling sweet? Try the salted caramel popcorn. Feeling spicy? Try the green chile popcorn. Any way you go, you can’t go wrong. $4.99

Crunchy popcorn is the perfect way to satisfy a snack craving.

Raw Organic Pecans: Locally grown pecans are perfect for a quick and healthy snack on the go. Eat them as they are or roast them with some sea salt for extra crunch and flavor. $15/lb

Locally grown pecans make for a great healthy snack.

Meat and Dairy

When it comes to local meat, dairy, and eggs, Time Market knows what’s good (but honestly, they always know what’s good). The market sources from responsible ranches and dairy farms to offer a great selection of local goods.

Ground Beef: Those who eat meat might find it handy to keep a package of grass fed ground beef in their freezer for burgers, meatballs, and tacos (or whatever else you use ground beef for). Lucky for them, Time Market offers grass-fed ground beef from Double Check Ranch in their freezer section. $9.25/lb

Keep grass-fed ground beef on hand for quick meals.

Whole Chickens: The whole delicious chickens from Top Knot Farms make for a great Sunday night roasted chicken and all of the things that come after it. $5.99/lb

Whole chickens make for a great Sunday dinner.

Ground Pork and Pork Chorizo: E & R Pork raises heritage pigs on grain, without antibiotics or added hormones. Time Market sells their meat so that you can make great meatballs and breakfast burritos. $6/lb

Locally raised pork is a great alternative to pork from factory farms.

Pastured Eggs: I buy two dozen eggs from Josh’s Foraging Fowls every week. Why? Josh raises his hens the right way: on beautiful open pasture. His farming methods result in some of the most delicious eggs I’ve ever tried. $6.99/dozen

Pastured eggs are great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Raw Milk: Time Market offers raw milk from two local dairies: Fond du Lac Farms and Golden Rule Dairy. Perfect for cheesemaking or drinking with a plate of warm cookies, this milk is the cream of the crop. $6.99

Local raw milk is great for cheesemaking or drinking right out of a glass.

Milk: If you prefer local pasteurized milk over the raw stuff, you’ll find it at Time Market. Danzeisen Dairy packages their whole milk in old-school glass bottles, which are both cool and more sustainable than plastic cartons. $6.19

Time Market also carries local pasteurized milk.


It’s as if Time Market knows that Tucson is a dry, hot desert that keeps us constantly thirsty for local beverages. From locally brewed beer to apple cider, they carry enough drinks to quench anyone’s thirst.

Beer: Time Market has a great beer selection, which includes some of our favorite local brews. Find your local favorite IPA, gose, and blonde ales from Dragoon Brewing Co., Borderlands Brewing Co., Barrio Brewing Co., and Mother Road Brewing in their beer section. Prices vary

Find some of your favorite local brews in Time Market’s beer section.

Wine: Throughout Time Market’s outstanding and unique wine section you’ll find a few local bottles from Dos Cabezas Wineworks, Callaghan Vineyards, and more. These local wines highlight the best of Arizona wine country. Prices vary

Local wines will make you appreciate Arizona’s winemakers.

Apple Cider: Apple cider made from Arizona-grown apples–that’s it. It might honestly be the best apple cider in the entire world. $8.99

Local apple cider is great for hot days and chilly nights.

Chinese Tea: True–Chinese tea is not local. It is, however, specially imported and packaged by Tucson’s own Seven Cups tea house. It’s the perfect opportunity to branch out and try something other than Lipton’s. Prices vary

Try something new, like a cup of authentic Chinese tea.

Coffee Beans: Time Market’s great selection of coffee beans includes a few bags of locally roasted beans from Presta. Roasted with care in small batches, these coffee beans are sure to surprise and delight your sleepy self. Prices vary

Locally roasted coffee beans are just the right thing to wake you up in the morning.


Flowers: Time market carries the most beautiful bouquets of flowers from Best Buds Botanical, a local florist. These unique bunches of fragrant and colorful plants are the perfect way to brighten up any space!

Flowers from Best Buds will brighten any space. (Image credit: Madeleine Crawford)

Header image by Madeleine Crawford. 

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