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5 Can’t-Miss
Enchiladas in Baja Arizona

Five places to get a plate of outstanding enchiladas in Baja Arizona.

November 14, 2017

Can't Miss Meals

Enchiladas Bandera from Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant

The holy trio of enchiladas: steak, chicken, and cheese, each topped with one of Mi Casa’s signature sauces. Served with rice and beans … and a little bit of flare in the center. 723 E. Fourth Street, Benson, AZ

Image credit: Chloe Tarvin

Mom’s Red Chile Chicken Enchiladas from Poco and Mom’s 

Enchiladas served in traditional New Mexico style: flat, spicy, and filled with flavorful pieces of shredded chicken. Topped with rich melty cheese and served with generous portions of beans and rice, these enchiladas make for a hearty meal.

Image credit: Kate Selby

Cheese Enchiladas from Taco Giro

Yes, it’s okay to order something other than tacos at a place called ‘Taco Giro.’ Especially when that something is a plate of rich cheese enchiladas, served with heaping piles of rice and beans. Simple, uncomplicated goodness. 610 N. Grande Avenue, Tucson, AZ

Image credit: Karen Schaffner

Enchiladas Suizas from La Parilla Suiza

When the enchiladas are named after the restaurant, they’re bound to be good. Filled with chicken and soaked in La Parilla Suiza’s house-made red enchilada sauce, with charro beans and rice on the side, these enchiladas pack a ton of flavor into three fresh corn tortillas. The sauce, made with ancho and guajillo chiles, brings a gorgeous smoky flavor to the table.

Image credit: Kate Selby

Red Cheese Enchiladas from La Posada

La Posada has been serving up their red cheese enchiladas for over 50 years. Needless to say, they’re a hit. Cheese enchiladas are covered in authentic red chile sauce and sprinkled with a generous amount of cojita cheese. Yes, please! Calle Pierson 116, Nogales, Mexico

Image credit: Angela Martinez

Header image by Michael Falconer.

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