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8 Local Soups that Will Warm Your Soul

From ramen to pozole.

September 26, 2017

Can't Miss Meals

As the temperatures drop to a cool 80º in Baja Arizona, you might find yourself craving a steaming bowl of heartwarming soup. Lucky for us, there’s no shortage of homemade soup at some of our favorite local establishments. From miso to ramen, you’re sure to find something delicious to bring you comfort in the cold(ish) weather.

House Ramen at Fat Noodle

House-made White Sonora Wheat ramen noodles, slaw, honey sesame pork loin, shiitake mushrooms, soft boiled egg, green onions, Fat sauce, scallions, and Dashi in a 10-hour broth. $10.

Image credit: Shelby Thompson

Pork Posole Rojo at Welcome Diner

Rich and flavorful posole is topped with a spoonful of mole black pudding, which enriches the broth and changes its texture entirely. Soak up every last spicy bit with a few pieces of Welcome Diner’s toothy flatbread. $12.

Image credit: Kate Selby

Gazpacho Soup from The B Line

Okay, so gazpacho soup isn’t going to warm you up on a chilly night. It will, however, make your tastebuds dance with the bright flavors that come from fresh tomatoes, herbs, and sweet corn. $6.95.

Image credit: Laura Horley

Vegan Phô at Thuy’s Noodle Shop

Unlike a lot of vegetarian and vegan phô, the vegan phô at Thuy’s Noodle Shop in Bisbee is rich and flavorful. That’s thanks to Thuy’s vegan broth, flavored by rice paddy herb and cilantro garnishes. Top it with Thai basil, lime, and bean sprouts for a bright and satisfying meal. $9.

Image credit: Kathya Ethington

Albondigas at El Saguarito

A rich and hearty beef broth jam-packed with small meatballs, rice, and veggies… just the way we like it! $8.95.

Image credit: Laura Greenberg

Pickle Soup at Polish Cottage

Don’t let this Polish specialty, also known as Zupa Ogórkowa, scare you off. The salty beef broth, hints of vinegar from the pickled vegetables, and fresh dill make it irresistible. $3.50.

Image credit: Kate Selby

Pozole at Guadalajara Grill

Lucky for us, there’s no shortage of this pork soup with hominy in Baja Arizona. Guadalajara Grill’s pozole is easy on the tongue and perfect for warming you up. $7.39.

Image credit: Karen Schaffner

Hu Tieu Wonton Soup from Ha Long Bay

Savory pork broth filled with wontons and roasted pork, served with plenty of cilantro, bean sprouts, and jalapeño. $9.

Image credit: Karen Schaffner

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