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Five Food-Related Organizations to Support on Arizona Gives Day

Five worthy organizations that will make you want to invest in Arizona.

April 4, 2017

Chances are, you probably give back to Arizona on more than just one day each year. However, Arizona Gives Day is a special day dedicated to investing in Arizona and helping community members “find, learn about and contribute to the causes they believe in.”

While there are over one million nonprofits in the United States, the results of donating to local organizations are both discernible and far-reaching. Donate to the local food bank and know that more underserved people in your community are being fed. Give to a local rescue group and see the joy of your neighbors when they adopt their new pet. Invest locally and see exactly where your money goes, who it helps, and how it improves Southern Arizona.

Regardless of who you donate to today, tomorrow, or next year, your kindness is always greatly appreciated. Here are a few of our favorite food-related local nonprofits that you might consider supporting:

  1. Native Seeds/SEARCH was founded in Tucson over thirty years ago in an effort to conserve close to 2,000 varieties of aridlands-adapted seeds. At their seed bank, people are encouraged to borrow seeds to grow in their own backyard gardens. Why donate to Native Seeds/SEARCH? They are preserving agricultural biodiversity and thus working to combat our nation’s food security crisis. Learn more about Native Seeds/SEARCH and make a donation here.
  2. Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona provides food to underserved people in Pima, Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, and Santa Cruz counties. The organization provides over 63,000 nutritious meals to people in the community that might otherwise go hungry. In addition to providing food, they have a multitude of food-related services, including emergency food distribution, child hunger programs, and SNAP application assistance. Why donate to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona? They are providing crucial sustenance to your neighbor, your child’s schoolmate, and your fellow farmers market goers. Additionally, 97 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to feeding our community. Learn more about the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona and make a donation here.
  3. Watershed Management Group is invested in improving and sustaining desert ecosystems. Part of the way they do this is by educating the community and providing them with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to make their livelihoods more sustainable. Why donate to Watershed Management Group? They are helping Southern Arizona conserve, save, and recharge water while teaching people about sustainability. Water is life, and without it we aren’t going to live very long. Learn more about Watershed Management Group and make a donation here.
  4. Iskashitaa Refugee Network has been empowering refugees since 2003 by connecting them with resources and opportunities in the community. One way they do this is by locating, harvesting, and re-distributing locally grown produce that would otherwise perish. As they are introduced to backyard gardens, farms, hydroponic and aquaponic operations, refugees learn about sustainable food systems. Why donate to Iskashitaa Refugee Network? They are working to both combat food waste and increase cultural competency and diversity awareness, and as a result are making Tucson a stronger and more sustainable community. Learn more about Iskashitaa Refugee Network and donate here.
  5. Farm Education Resource Network (FERN) connects farmers and educators in the Southwest desert to advance sustainable agriculture, local food systems, and healthy food choices through education. FERN strives to provide farmers with the tools they need to produce diverse ecologically conscious agriculture and practice sustainable farming methods. Why donate to FERN? As our natural resources become scarcer, so does our ability to grow food. We need farmers that are not only growing a diverse variety of crops, but that are also conserving water and energy. Learn more about FERN and donate here.

There are so many wonderful nonprofit organizations worth supporting in Southern Arizona. Casa Maria Soup Kitchen provides meals to those in need 363 days of the year. Kino Border Initiative works to make migration between the U.S. and Mexico more just, humane, and workable. Southwest Folklife Alliance connects cultures, communities, and heritage through a range of diverse programs. These organizations need your support to continue bringing food, culture, and diversity to Southern Arizona. Donate or set up a time to volunteer today.

Header image by Jack Dykinga.

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