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Breakfast in Baja Arizona: Batch Café and Bar

Head to Batch for a full selection of doughnuts, whiskey, and cereal.

February 21, 2017

If you’ve ever felt like you didn’t have an actual reason to eat a doughnut, now you do. Located in the heart of downtown Tucson on East Congress Street, Batch Café & Bar offers a variety of fun and unique doughnut flavors that you simply cannot find anywhere else in the area. Batch makes their doughnuts daily, offering 10 different flavors that will leave your mouth watering. The cafe opened a little over a year ago on January 1st of 2015, with the creative idea of bringing together two fun ideas: doughnuts and whiskey. As bourbon pairs particularly well with chocolate, Batch conveniently offers several different doughnuts coated with chocolate glaze—all of which can (and should) be paired with one of their 150 whiskey options. And if you’re not in the mood for a doughnut, they have snacks, salads, grilled cheeses, and even boozy cereals.

As we walked up to the doughnut case, our jaws dropped in disbelief. In addition to their 5 resident doughnuts (The Stud, Key Lime, The Homer, Birthday Party, and El Churro), Batch rotates 5 other doughnut flavors every day. The rotating options on the day that I visited included German Chocolate, Campfire Stories, The Bam Bam, Hidden Treasure, and Strawberry Cheesecake. As you can imagine, my friends and I were pretty overwhelmed by the tempting options, but eventually decided on these four doughnuts:

  • The Bam Bam – A classic glazed doughnut covered in fruity pebble cereal
  • Birthday Party – Vanilla Icing and sprinkles
  • German Chocolate – German chocolate frosting, coconut, and chocolate chips
  • Strawberry Cheesecake – Cream cheese frosting and strawberry filling

Although we devoured our fluffy doughnuts for breakfast that morning, these doughnuts are often times paired with whiskey for a fun, late-night snack. In addition to the doughnut-whiskey pairing, you can also order one of their boozy cereals, which consist of a milk cocktail accompanied by a bowl of cereal. These milk cocktails differ depending on the cereal that you order, but contain fun ingredients such as Nutella and maple syrup. The ‘Monkey Puffs,’ for example, comes with a bowl of coco puffs and a milk cocktail made up of scotch, hazelnut butter, and whole milk.

Lets get back to the doughnuts. I learned that Batch’s most popular donut is the ‘Stud,’ which is filled with bourbon-maple Bavarian cream, covered in chocolate glaze, and topped with bacon. These doughnuts are not only fun to look at but are also delicious to eat. Using ingredients such as cereal, fruit, and candy creates a sensational taste that gets people talking. So, instead of looking at pictures of specialty doughnuts on the Internet, you can now go and try one for yourself at Batch Café & Bar. Batch not only has a hip, industrial look, but also an outdoor seating area that’s great for people-watching. In addition to loving our doughnuts, we also loved the prices and the fact that we ate breakfast for under $3.00. Holed doughnuts are $1.85 and filled doughnuts are $2.75. If you need something besides whiskey to wash down your doughnut, Batch also has locally-roasted drip coffee, chai tea, and cold brew coffee.

Whether you want an Instagram-worthy breakfast or a fun snack to munch on later on in the day, it’s worth paying a visit to Batch.

Batch Cafe & Bar
118 E Congress St.
Tucson, AZ 85701
(520) 203-7370


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