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Drinks in the Desert: BIRD Modern Provisions & Bar

BIRD Modern Provisions & Bar offers a drink that tastes like home.

August 31, 2017

Desert Drinks

Bird is the word.

Tucson, meet Stephen Ott: your new favorite bartender at BIRD Modern Provisions & Bar and winner of the Judge’s Choice Award at the Whiskey Del Bac Showdown. Stephen started off his career at Tough Luck Club and has made his way to one of Tucson’s newest dining scenes: BIRD Modern Provisions & Bar. With its Americana and Southern influence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that BIRD Modern Provisions & Bar features 55 American whiskeys and can make a mean drink.

The winning cocktail at the Whiskey Del Bac Showdown was Ott’s Tucson Julep, and you can find it on the regular menu at BIRD Modern Provisions & Bar (disclaimer: be prepared to never want to order anything else ever again). Or, you can do what I did and attempt to replicate the Tucson Julep at home.

But, first things first. Why a julep? Well, in the words of my new best friend Stephen Ott, the “mint julep is an American institution.” Also, nothing says “winter summer is coming” more than a julep does. The creosote tincture adds depth to this drink by giving it the fragrance of rain in the desert.

Make your own Tucson Julep at home

What you’ll need:

  • Serrano chili tincture
  • White sage infused honey (also thought to be a good anti-bacterial agent and a good substitute sweetener)
  • ½ oz Whiskey Del Bac Dorado
  • 1 ½ oz Whiskey Del Bac Classic
  • Creosote tincture (Don’t have this laying around? Don’t fret. Soak creosote leaves in vodka and voila!)

Because you’re essentially making a julep, you’ll need to:

  1. Muddle white sage leaves with about ½ a dropper of the serrano chile tincture and a few dashes of the infused honey.
  2. Add bourbon (a good step to start AND end with).
  3. Stir.
  4. Crush ice in copper cup until frosty.
  5. Spray with creosote tincture.
  6. (Most importantly) enjoy!

My advice? While you leave the serrano chile and creosote to tincture at home, make your way to the restaurant. BIRD Modern Provisions & Bar has killer daily happy hour specials, such as $3 off house cocktails (which includes the Tucson Julep)! BIRD Modern Provisions & Bar will expand their hours after Labor Day and will be open for Brunch on Sundays. Chicken and waffles for breakfast, anyone?

P.S. Don’t miss the launch of the new Whiskey Del Bac Distillers Cut! On Sunday, September 3rd  from 5pm to 7pm, BIRD Modern Provisions & Bar will feature a special cocktail menu celebrating the launch of Hamilton Distillers’ newest addition to the Whiskey Del Bac family.


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