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Read It and Eat: Bowls!


April 4, 2017

Read It and Eat


By Molly Watson

(Chronicle Books, $19.95)

So, how do you feel about bowls being the new plates? Do you grab a bowl in the morning for your cereal or for some popcorn in the afternoon, pasta or a salad for dinner? This guide to “bowl-centric” eating is divided into three parts, each recipe yields four modest servings because the premise is that other ingredients will be added and result in a bowl of plenty!

“Part 1: Easy Recipes” begins with bowl basics: using a combination of vegetables, toppings, sauces, proteins, and base ingredients to create your bowl. Expanded descriptions include recipes for grains, beans, lentils, protein, vegetables, sauces and creamy/crunchy/crispy toppings. Wheel and deal for your own personalized combos.

“Part 2: Easy Pull-Together-Combinations” will inspire you to throw a few things together in tasty combinations. Suggestions are for world flavors, fresh hippie ideas, breakfasts, and seasonal treats.

“Part 3: Full Bowls” has over two dozen recipes for efficiently-prepared bowls (the most bang for your buck), such as the Veggie Burrito Bowl and Zoodle Taco Salad. Learn how to follow the order of operations, a sequential prep guide, to create these bowls. Each step of the recipe has detailed instructions and has been carefully crafted following the suggested order of operations and includes notes, tips and variations. Color photographs are a delicious addition to the recipes, which were created by the author to help busy people make healthful foods for friends and family.

Southwest-influenced recipes include Beans, Chimichiurri, Roasted Chile Salsa, Salsa Verde, Baked Tortilla Chips, Quick Pickled Red Onions, Argentine Grill, Yucatan Quinoa Salad, Old-School Taco Bowl, Spanish Shrimp, Inca Bowl and others. Grab a bowl and a fork and expand your bowl experiences!

LoisFor over thirty years, Lois Friedman has been immersed in food culture and cookbooks. She has written “Read It And Eat” previews of cookbooks for The Desert Leaf and other local publications, done guest presentations at Canyon Ranch, hosted the Omaha Library Read It And Eat Culinary Conference, taught cooking classes and demonstrations, and now brings her expertise to her Read It And Eat blog for Edible Baja Arizona.

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