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Drinkable Baja Arizona:
Crooked Tooth Brewing Co.

Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. celebrates individuality and good beer.

February 3, 2017

Drinkable Baja

Rooted at the corner of 6th St. and Arizona Ave., Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. offers a remarkable selection of constantly rotating craft beers. Each possesses its own individual “wow factor,” says co-owner Ben Vernon. The idea behind the brewery is to embrace that which makes you unique, “whether it’s a crooked tooth, or a mole, or anything that might separate you from looking like the next person, and it’s just about relishing that and being unique. We apply that to life being unique. We apply that to our beer styles in being unique,” Vernon says.

As a Tucson native, Vernon has had time to ground his connections and make the most of working with the community that surrounds him. He attended Tucson High and went on to study water and soil chemistry at the University of Arizona. Over time, this extremely methodical study transposed itself into what Vernon and his fellow brewers are now crafting for the community. He has a meticulous and anatomical mastery of exactly what takes place throughout the process of brewing his rotating selection of beers. Learning about beer brewing in terms of enzyme reactions, mash ton conversions, and exothermic reactions provides a deeper appreciation for the flavors of handcrafted beer. Vernon also set his sights on sourcing locally grown products, such as wheat, peaches, kumquats, and grapefruits to create flavors “that haven’t been dabbled in too much,” Vernon explains.

Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. uses locally grown produce in their beers.

Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. uses locally grown produce in their beers.

Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. exudes warmth and unique character. Vernon and his partner both grew up skateboarding and try to incorporate the flavor of the skating community into Crooked Tooth’s atmosphere as much as possible. From the flights of beer that are served on skateboards to the purse hooks that are made of skateboard trucks and inventively placed under each table, it’s easy to see how craftsmen can adapt and repurpose. Vernon states, “everything we need is right here,” a crucial mindset to possess in our ever-changing world that can often make us feel as though we lack control. Crooked Tooth reminds us that it’s important to be aware of what’s around us and how we can use it to create something new. Vernon and his team have reclaimed old wood into oblong log tables and transformed regular fruits into wonderfully fused flavors in their inventive brews.

While Crooked Tooth’s beer selection rotates frequently, you can always count on getting one of their flagship brews: Archmagus Amber, The 18th Hour IPA, and It’s Always Sunny In Amaríllo. My favorite of the stocked trifecta is the Archmagus Amber, a full-bodied and non-traditional amber weighing in at roughly 6.1% ABV. This particular brew has caramel and chocolate notes, as well as fruity esters (fruity flavors created during fermentation) induced by the Vermont-style wheat, leaving the beer with a uniquely opaque appearance.

Although the beer is only for those of age, Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. exudes a welcoming family environment with a few friendly kids tables, ample patio seating, and local entertainment. During my visit, I was lucky enough to listen to a live performance by Bumble Buzz. Their down-to-earth music mirrors the ambiance that Vernon and his crew at Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. have created at the brewery.

What better way to enjoy craft beer than with live music?

What better way to enjoy craft beer than with live music?

I highly recommend that you take the opportunity to experience the flavors of Crooked Tooth’s beer and enjoy the atmosphere and amazing people working behind the scenes. Crooked Tooth is a wonderful example of how unique our community can be. Be sure to reach across the bar and shake Vernon’s hand; his love for the craft can be thoroughly experienced and enjoyed with every gulp.

Crooked Tooth Brewing Co.
228 E 6th St.
Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 403-2721

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