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Desert Harvesters
Cookbook Fundraiser

Help Desert Harvesters raise funds for their newest cookbook, Eat Mesquite and More!

September 19, 2017

If you’ve ever looked at the seemingly endless bounty of prickly pears, mesquite pods, cholla buds, and other desert edibles and thought, “How can I cook with those?”, we have great news: Desert Harvesters, a wonderful non-profit organization that strives to “promote, celebrate, and enhance local food and water security by encouraging the planting of rain along with indigenous, food-bearing perennial plants” has produced their second cookbook, Eat Mesquite and More.

Eat Mesquite and More is the perfect cookbook for every desert dweller. Filled with over 170 delicious recipes and gorgeous illustrations for every native desert ingredient from chiltepin to ironwood, Eat Mesquite and More is sure to become your new go-to guide for cooking in the Sonoran Desert.

In order for this cookbook to become a reality, Desert Harvesters needs your help to raise $18,000 to cover the printing costs for 3,000 copies of Eat Mesquite and More. Every donation counts, but if you’re feeling extra-generous, donate $100 or more to receive a copy of the cookbook at no additional cost. Donate to the Eat Mesquite and More fundraiser on Desert Harvesters’ crowdfunding page.

Desert Harvesters has until mid-October to raise enough money to print Eat Mesquite and More in time for holiday shopping, and I know you want this unique and resourceful cookbook in your stocking this year! So, please donate what you can and spread the word about Desert Harvesters’ crowdfunding campaign to your friends, family, and associates.

Read what three trusted local food experts have to say about Eat Mesquite and More:

Eat Mesquite and More is the definitive resource for Baja Arizonans who care about eating locally and caring for this place we call home.
– Megan Kimble, Managing Editor, and Doug Biggers, Editor and Publisher, Edible Baja Arizona magazine

True to its title, this book is unlike any other I know of. The authors and contributors make these plants come alive in the context of their importance to all who call the Sonoran Desert, particularly the Arizona Uplands, home. We need to celebrate food, weaving it into every part of our being, our sense of place. Eat Mesquite and More helps us do that as it honors with tremendous respect the plants (and a few animals!), the cultures and this magnificent desert region. I love this book!
– Wendy C. Hodgson, author Food Plants of the Sonoran Desert, Herbarium Curator and Research Botanist at the Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Harvesters has been at the forefront of efforts to promote food sovereignty and help re-skill people to make effective use of easily available food resources. The recipes in this book will inspire residents of the Southwest desert regions (and beyond) to new uses for the wonderful flavors of mesquite, cacti, and other abundant indigenous plants.
– Sandor Ellix Katz, author of Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation

Want to form your own opinion of Eat Mesquite and More? Donate today and make your dream a reality!

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