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Upcoming Event: Desert Harvesters
Pre-Monsoon Harvest Tour

Learn what to look for and how to harvest the Sonoran Desert’s native bounty.

June 15, 2016

Upcoming Events

What: Desert Harvesters’ Guided Native Food-Tree Harvest Tours
When: Thursday, June 16th at 4:30pm (walking tour) and 5:30pm (biking tour)
Where: 100 S. Avenida del Convento, Tucson. West of I-10 at Congress & Grande

In preparation for the upcoming monsoon rains (fingers crossed), Desert Harvesters and the Community Food Bank‘s Santa Cruz River Farmers Market invite you to get your hands dirty this Thursday, June 16th, during their Guided Native Food-Tree Harvest Tours for the pre-monsoon season.

You’ll learn how to:

•    Identify and sample from the best-tasting mesquite and other native bean trees such as the Ironwood, Canyon Hackberry and some Palo Verde varietals.
•    Harvest safely, ethically, and responsibly to avoid invisible toxic mold and fecal contamination of ground harvests.
•    Use cool tools such as the harvest hoe.
•    Plant seeds at the best time for the best bean trees (and other native perennial food plants), and learn how to plant water in a way that ensures the growth of a vibrant, multi-beneficial tree with tasty and prolific harvests irrigated passively with only free on-site waters. These trees can be the basis for edible forest guilds!
•    You’ll also learn simple tips on how to scarify mesquite and palo-verde seeds to enhance their germination rates when planting your own.

The tours will be led by Desert Harvesters’ core members and trained volunteers. You can join on foot or on your bike. All participants are strongly encouraged to bring sun protection (hat, sunscreen, sunglasses), and a reusable water bottle. Locally made cloth harvest bags and water-bottle slings—along with wild food items—will be available for sale at the event.

Event Schedule

4:30pm: Required sign up time if you did not prepay for walking harvest (tour begins at 5 pm).

Prepaid walking tour attendees should arrive by 4:45 pm to check in. Prepay here.

5:30pm: Required sign up time if you did not prepay for biking harvest (tour begins at 6 pm).

Prepaid biking tour attendees should arrive by 5:45 pm to check in. Prepay here.


$10 per person
Sliding scale available down to $5—in person only. Subject to availability of spots.

If you can’t make it this time, you can always sign up to volunteer with Desert Harvesters or join them for one of their later events as part of their ongoing Desert Harvest Series.

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