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Dessert in the Desert:
The Coronet

The Coronet serves classic desserts with a twist.

July 17, 2017

Dessert in the Desert

If you’ve ever paid a visit to The Coronet, you know it’s special. The desserts are no different.

Situated in the building of the historic Coronado Hotel on the south end of Fourth Avenue, The Coronet serves fresh ingredients and homemade European cooking. It’s truly unlike anything else in Tucson.

The dessert recipes come from aka Deli & Bakeshop and are a collaboration between three important people — owner Sally Kane, executive chef Erika Bostick, and aka Deli and Bakeshop’s pastry chef Jaime Lawhorn.

“It’s fun when we come up with an idea and just keep bouncing ideas back and forth until we come up with the final product,” Lawhorn said.

The Honey Thyme Cheesecake is served with fresh cream and blueberries.

The menu often changes with the season, but also evolves to make room for improvements. The current dessert menu offers the following sweets:

  • Daily Cheesecake with fresh berries and Cointreau whipped cream
  • The Tack Room’s Chocolate Mousse with pecans and Cointreau whipped cream
  • Lemon Turmeric Summer Tart with fresh berries and Cointreau whipped cream
  • Rustic Strawberry Shortcake with strawberries and Cointreau whipped cream
  • Chocolate Pecan Caramel Bite

Cheesecake remains a fan favorite at The Coronet.

Among the most popular desserts at The Coronet is cheesecake.

“I like to make flavors that are different, such as Malbec cheesecake or green tea and honey,” Lawhorn said. “I think the twist on dessert classics goes over well.”

On my visit, the cheesecake of the day was a honey and thyme cheesecake, topped with fresh cream and berries. It couldn’t have been more delicious.

The chocolate mousse is also a favorite.

“One of our desserts we proudly serve at The Coronet has been in my family for almost 70 years,” Kane said, speaking of the chocolate mousse. “It is made just as it was back in the day, with the exception of the chocolate used.”

The Tack Room’s Chocolate Mousse has been in owner Sally Kane’s family for over 70 years.

The mousse is rich, full of flavor, and unique to chocolate mousse you might try elsewhere.

“It is a singular take on the classic,” Kane said. “Whereas most mousse is light and airy, ours is dense and encrusted with pecans. It is absolutely delicious, decadent, and weirdly rich, but not overly sweet. It’s a quiet masterpiece that I am so pleased to always have on our menu.”

As for Lawhorn’s favorite dessert, she said, “Chocolate is always a winner with me.”

One of her all-time favorite desserts is Almond Jaconde Chocolate Mousse Cake, which used to be on The Coronet’s dessert menu. It’s made with Scharffen Berger chocolate and coffee.

“Desserts that are sweet, but not too sweet are what I like,” she said.

To top it all off, the Coronet also offers an accompanying list of dessert coffees and wines, including Bulleit Ryerish Coffee and Moueix La Fleur Renaissance.

The Coronet
402 E. 9th St.
Tucson, AZ 85705

Dessert in the Desert is a series highlighting desserts in Tucson. The main courses at restaurants get all the rage, as they should, but what about desserts? They deserve a spotlight, too.

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