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Farmers’ Market Finds

Leeks, spring peas, and more!

May 9, 2017

Farmers' Market Finds
  1. Leeks, which fall into the same family as onions and garlic, are around for a short time in the spring. More mild than a white or yellow onion, leeks have a noticeably sweet and fresh taste. We like to eat them in recipes such as this Asparagus Soup with Leeks
  2. Turnips, like beets and radishes, are a root vegetable. The taste of a turnip can vary immensely depending on its variety; sweeter, milder beets can be used raw in a salad, while the more bitter varieties are great in a hearty root vegetable gratin
  3. Cabbage isn’t just for bland cabbage soup. The dense green is great for flavorful Asian coleslaw or for preserving in Southwest Chow-Chow.
  4. Kale is versatile, as you might have noticed over the last few years as it gained celebrity status. Make the fibrous green stuff dissappear into a blueberry-almond smoothie, or let it shine in a spicy quesadilla
  5. Peas are one of spring’s most delicate and sweet bounties. Eat them raw or nestled within a bowl of creamy pasta.  

Looking for your closest farmers’ market? Check out our comprehensive list.

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