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Farmers’ Market Finds

Peaches, peppers, and more!

May 16, 2017

Farmers' Market Finds
  1. Peaches: In what seemed like the blink of an eye, peaches replaced oranges and grapefruits on farm stand tables. While we’re not in the thick of peach season quite yet, we’re happy to eat these early-season peaches in this creamy oatmeal, with a crumbly crust, or simply by themselves. 
  2. Zucchini: We’ll soon be scratching our heads trying to figure out how it’s possible for one person to eat so much summer squash in a season, but for now we’re happy to see wicker baskets overflowing with this versatile warm weather produce. Bread it for a savory treat, toss it with some pesto-covered pasta, or hide it in this sweet coffee cake
  3. Bell Peppers: These beautiful heirloom bell peppers are a true sign of impending summer days. Put them on this pizza, squeeze them into a rainbow ratatouille, or add them to these stovetop enchiladas.   
  4. Eggplants: Over the next few months you’ll see eggplants of all shapes, sizes, and colors filling the tables at local farmers’ markets. Cook them correctly and they’ll be tender and sweet, not spongy and bitter. Roast them with tomatoes for a pretty salad, use them in stuffed peppers, or puree them into a garlicky baba ganoush

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