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Farmers’ Market Finds

Lunchbox peppers, cucumbers, and more!

May 23, 2017

Farmers' Market Finds
  1. Lunchbox peppers: These miniature versions of bell peppers are sweeter, brighter, and more packable than their larger counterparts. Throw them in a to-go container for a mid-day snack, use them as you would bell peppers in this fajita bowl, grill them with your favorite summer veggies, or add them to veggie spring rolls for a bit of crunch and a pop of color. 
  2. Cucumbers: Cucumbers are so widely available in grocery stores that you might have forgotten that they’re a summer fruit (that’s right—a fruit). Add them to these taco salad bowls, quick-pickle them in this lemony recipe, or stuff them with chickpeas for a hearty meal. 
  3. Onions: Although it’s rather convenient to buy onions all year around (thanks to the fact that they can be cured and stored for long amounts of time), the pungent round roots are in season right now. First, learn how to cut an onion without the tears. Then, pickle them to mellow their onion-y flavor, add them to your homemade salsa recipe, and make your own Southwest chow-chow
  4. Salad Mix: The baby leafy greens that make up a versatile salad mix are as tender as a green can be. Use salad mix as a base for your roasted carrot and beet salad or put it in your new favorite cobb salad

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