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Farmers’ Market Finds:
July 2017

Figs, eggplant, and more!

July 26, 2017

Farmers' Market Finds


I wait all year for figs. Seriously, all year. When they finally come into season each July, I buy them as often as I can until, soon enough (and sadly enough), they’re suddenly out of season once again. I love figs on their own: biting into the tender, sweet flesh of a ripe fig is simply unparalleled. However, I also like them atop a piece of good bread, smeared with fresh goat cheese and drizzled with raw honey. Oh, and with a class of crisp rosé. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Try our Fig Jam with Toasted Fennel Seeds, Mission Fig and Almond Tart, and Whole Wheat Pizza with Roasted Potatoes and Figs.

Figs from the Food Bank of Southern Arizona’s consignment program.


I grew up in an Italian family, i.e. I grew up putting garlic in everything except the biscotti (although that’s an intriguing idea). Garlic lovers, unite! These days, I’m using freshly cured local garlic for a kick in my garlic dipping sauce, for a zip in my favorite hummus recipe, and for a mellow flavor in this Fresh Tomato and White Bean Orecchiette.

Freshly cured local garlic is good in just about everything.


Melons are best eaten in-season (what isn’t, am I right?), and summer in Baja Arizona brings with it a variety of heirloom melons that differ in size, color, and flavor. These sun jewel melons, for example, are small and elongated, highlighter yellow, and taste slightly like bubblegum. Try whatever variety you have in these Minty Melon Mojitos, Horchata de Melón, or in this refreshing take on a raspado.

Summer melons come in a variety of sizes, colors, and flavors.


Do you think of eggplant as being flavorless, spongy, and just plain weird? Or, have you eaten eggplant that has been prepared correctly, showcasing its subtly earthy flavors and tender flesh? Embrace this plethoric summer vegetable in this Roasted Tomato and Eggplant With Basil,  Eggplant-Stuffed Bell Peppers, and this creamy Garlic Lover’s Baba Ganoush (psst, another way to use garlic).

When prepared correctly, eggplant is perfectly pleasant.

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