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One of a Kind

Finitos is a family-owned business that offers a uniquely refreshing drink to locals and visitors alike.

December 22, 2017

The walls inside of Finitos are covered with colorful paw prints. At this small shop in Nogales, Arizona, Milo and Maria Rendon offer a unique twist on traditional Mexican-style raspados.

The family’s one-of-a-kind creation is called finitos, which translates to fine-textured and smooth, for their flavorful, uniquely textured ice.

Milo and Maria Rendon at Finitos in Nogales, Arizona

Milo and Maria Rendon in front of their shop Finitos in Nogales, Arizona.

“I had a customer from Italy come taste our product, they said they had traveled the world and never had anything like this before,” Milo said. “Finitos is one of a kind. I don’t see it as anything else but the care I put into the finito that separates it from other things.”

Finitos was opened by Milo Rendon’s father in 1991, when he had an opportunity to take over a business that sold Aguas (“fruit waters”) and raspados.

“As my dad was making the product, he made something that was not a raspado or an agua. He said, ‘You know what? This is mas finito,’” Milo said. “The name stuck ever since.”

finito at Finitos in Nogales, Arizona

Milo Rendon’s father created what they call a finito–finely textured ice with sweetened condensed milk and syrup.

Milo took over the business with his wife Maria in 1995, when his father was ready to pass the business on to someone else in the family.

“Back then we had maybe four or five flavors,” Milo said.

Now, they have come up with about 75 different flavors of finitos. They rotate select flavors depending on their popularity and the season.

To create different flavors of finitos, Milo and Maria take customer suggestions and use their own creativity. One of Milo’s favorites is the eggnog finito, which is usually offered during the holiday season. Other flavors include horchata, strawberry, tamarindo, pineapple, and more.

Finitos has grown to offer about 75 different flavors of finitos.

When asked how the unique texture is achieved, Milo said it is a combination of the equipment, ingredients, and care put into the product.

“I start with water and I freeze it, I add sugar, and flavoring,” Milo said.

Lechera, or sweetened condensed milk, is also added to the center of each finito to give it a sweeter taste and a creamier texture. Finitos are served in small, medium, or large cups and can be made with a combination of different flavors.

a finito at finitos in Nogales, Arizona

These finely textured sweet treats come in a variety of flavors and sizes.

A cut-out of a large, smiling, white Siberian tiger greets customers as they walk in.

The Rendon family picked this animal as their mascot because they believe that their finitos are as rare as a white Siberian tiger.

Finitos’ location in a quiet neighborhood near a school and parks brings in a lot of repeat customers. “I have seen a lot of kids when they were five-years-old and now I see them grown up and having kids already,” Milo said. “They think I don’t remember them, but I do–it’s nice to receive the support of customers that return and come in regularly.”

775 N. Perkins Ave
Nogales, Arizona

Finitos can also be found on Instagram and Facebook as @FinitosUSA and on Twitter as @Finitos.

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