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Five Can’t-Miss
Baja Arizona Burritos

Soft handmade tortillas filled with mouthwatering ingredients.

October 16, 2017

Can't Miss Meals

Burrito “El Guapo” from Seis Kitchen and Catering

True to its name, this burrito is the definition of handsome. A fresh flour tortilla is stuffed with puerco verde (green chile roasted pork shoulder), fried egg, crispy Idaho potatoes, shredded cheddar & jack cheeses, house made red chile base and Seis-style chipotle crema.

Image credit: Madeleine Crawford

Coliflor Burrito from Tania’s 33

Even vegans have something to look forward to at Tania’s 33. Their Coliflor Burrito is filled with crunchy, deep-fried cauliflower that makes this hefty burrito ultra-satisfying. The rest is up to you: pick three additional veggies, salsas, or grains to round out your custom burrito and call it a (really delicious) day.

Image credit: Laura Horley

Carne Seca Chimichanga from El Charro

The one that made them famous. A deep-fried, carne-seca-filled burrito that’s smothered in spicy sauce, guacamole, sour cream, and plenty of colorful vegetables.

Image credit: Isadora Lassance

Chicharrón Verde from La Botana Fresco Grill & Cantina

You’ve got a lot of options when you build your own burrito at La Botana, but the chicharron verde is not to be missed. Pork cracklings with green salsa, wrapped in a nearly translucent tortilla? Sí, por

Image credit: Isadora Lassance

Red Chile Burrito from Tucson Tamale Company

Surprise! Tucson Tamale Company offers more than just tamales, and their burritos are just as delicious. A soft flour tortilla is filled with tender shredded beef, that’s been slowly simmered with red chile powder from Santa Cruz Chili & Spice Co. in Tumacacori. Get the plate and it’ll come with sides of tender beans and zippy slaw.

Image credit: Kate Selby

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