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Five Things to Do This Weekend in Baja Arizona

You’ll keep occupied with the many events going on in Baja Arizona this weekend.

March 24, 2017

Upcoming Events
  1. Succulent Bowls with Mimosas (Saturday, March 25): At this free class, you’ll learn how to pot succulents from the pros at Green Things as you sip on a mimosa. Feel free to bring your own pot, or take advantage of their 30-60% off pottery sale!

    Photo courtesy of Edible Baja Arizona.

  2. Hands-On Cholla Bud Harvesting & Processing Workshop and Feast (Saturday, March 25): Turn those beautiful cholla buds in your backyard into something you can feast on! Participants will have hands-on opportunities to harvest, process, and cook with cholla buds during this unique workshop (prices range from $35-50).

    Photo courtesy of Edible Baja Arizona.

  3. Edible Shade Mesquite Pancake Breakfast (Sunday, March 26): Once you try a stack of mesquite pancakes, you’ll never go back! Enjoy mesquite pancakes, toddies from EXO Roast, and the opportunity to take home a free native shade tree to help you through the long, hot summer ($7).

    Photo courtesy of Watershed Management Group.

  4. Go to a Farmers’ Market (March 24-26): Have you been to one of the many incredible farmers’ markets in Southern Arizona? It might surprise you to learn just how many there are every week! Try out a new one and have fun listening to live music, chatting with farmers, and supporting your local economy.

    Photo by Steven Meckler.

  5. Join Rain to Table (March 22-April 22): In honor of World Water Day and Earth Day, Edible Baja Arizona has teamed up with Watershed Management Group and the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona to teach you how to harvest rainwater in your own backyard! Take the pledge to conserve water and join the Rain to Table movement to win prizes over the next month!

    Illustration by Adela Antoinette.

Header image by Steven Meckler. 

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