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Five Can’t Miss
Hot Dogs In Tucson

From Sonoran dogs to chili dogs.

July 19, 2017

Can't Miss Meals

Editor’s note: In the fall of 2016, Edible Baja Arizona had a resident hot dog expert: Tessa Patterson. Through her series “Let’s Be Frank,” Patterson dedicated her internship with Edible Baja Arizona to tasting, filming, and rating hot dogs from five different Tucson establishments. The results, as she might say, were doggone delicious!

Sonoran Dog from El Güero Canelo: Try a classic Sonoran dog from one of Tucson’s most beloved establishments: El Güero Canelo. Let’s Be Frank columnist Tessa Patterson says that the bacon-wrapped Sonoran dog from El Güero Canelo comes “jam packed it was with goodies, topped with diced tomatoes, onions, a dash of mustard and a bunch of other hidden treasures.” We’ll take two.

Image credit: Tessa Patterson

Sonoran Dog from Stray Dogs: Although Stray Dogs is relatively new to Tucson, the dog-friendly establishment is making waves with its outrageous milkshakes, Sonoran dogs, and French fries. Tessa Patterson, eBA’s resident hot dog expert, suggests pairing their classic Sonoran dog with a pile of cheesy, garlicky “Bistro Fries” and an overflowing “Donut Shake.”

Image credit: Alexander Schaller

Chili Dog from Pat’s Chili Dogs: Pat’s Chili Dogs has been a Tucson staple for a long time—50 years, in fact. Those who grew up in the area fondly remember stopping at Pat’s after school for hot dogs, burgers, and heaping amounts of fries. Pat’s Chili Dog comes with “heaps” of mild or spicy chili and comes in at an affordable $1.78. 1202 W Niagara Street

Image credit: Tessa Patterson

T Dog at 4th Avenue Delicatessen: The T Dog comes “crammed with goodies,” such as a Boar’s Head hot dog, bacon, pepper jack cheese, onions, jalapeños, and spicy mayo, all of which “come together to create one delicious hot dog.”

Image credit: Tessa Patterson

Sonoran Dog at BK’s Tacos and Hot Dogs: A classic Sonoran dog: a hot dog wrapped in bacon that is then topped with beans, tomato, onion, and mustard. Or, as Tessa Patterson says, “Basically a cluster of ingredients that ultimately come together to create a symphony.”

Image credit: Dominic Bonucelli

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