Frozen Happiness

Dessert comes with a dose of nutrition at Cashew Cow.

September 1, 2014

GleaningsIssue 8: September/October 2014

“Ice cream needs to be a bang,” Jeremy Shockley says. “Override your cerebral cortex and go straight to the limbic and reptilian systems and say, ‘You need to consume this.’” And miraculously, after three and a half years of experimentation, Shockley has figured out how to do this with a bucket of cashews. Along with business partner Jennifer Newman, he created Cashew Cow from the idea that although ice cream is an “emotional product,” something we all turn to for indulgence, it doesn’t have to be bad for you.

That’s where the cashews come in. In the Cashew Cow parlor, newly opened in Broadway Village, they’re stone-ground, mixed with a plant-based low-glycemic sweetener and mineralized water, homogenized and whipped in an industrial ice cream machine. Then the ice cream is put in a recycled sugar-cane-pulp cup and topped with a wooden spoon. “Here,” Shockley might say when he hands it to you. “I froze some happiness for you.”

Newman admits that she knew the idea was a great one when she wanted to eat Shockley’s concoction instead of Häagen-Dazs. It’s exactly what Shockley had been going for. “We still hold super creamy dairy ice cream up as the gold standard,” he says, “and our idea is to capture that same spirit and not try to be different, but compatible.”

Shockley can rattle off a laundry list of benefits of his handmade cashew-based cream. From the nut base to the raw ingredients that add flavor, “We make sure every component has a nutritive value,” he says. Also, as opposed to the conventional on-site pasteurization of dairy ice creams, their process doesn’t use high heat, which would break down the antioxidants in their ingredients. The resulting dessert contains heart-healthy fats, minerals, and fiber, and a nice dose of calcium along with niacin and tryptophan to boost seratonin.

Newman translates: “What we’re trying to say is, eat our product all day long.”

Shockley laughs and adds, “You may be immobile, but happy.”

Cashew Cow. 520.344.2269.

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