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Heirloom Farmers Markets Open Vendor Applications

The vendor application process for Heirloom Farmers Markets will last from October 17 through November 22.

October 25, 2017

Do your friends tell you that your homemade salsa is the best they’ve ever had? Is your homestead overgrown with rows of beautiful tomatoes, Swiss chard, and beet leaves? Are your backyard hives overflowing with honey? Two words: monetize it!

Heirloom Farmers Markets have opened their application season so that you can apply to sell your homegrown and homemade goods at one (or all) of their three weekly farmers’ markets in 2018. Each year, Heirloom Farmers Markets open their application process to local farmers, ranchers, and food-related vendors.

The application process, which opened on October 17, will last for five weeks and come to a close on November 22. Before you apply, check out Heirloom Farmers Markets’ vendor qualifications to make sure their markets are a great fit for your business. If you decide to apply, download the application form on their website, Good luck!

Header image by Steven Meckler.

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