Keep On Truckin’: Jozarelli’s Italian Street Food

Serving traditional Italian staples, Jozarelli’s brings a simple approach to the food truck trend by sticking to cuisine everyone knows and loves.

November 7, 2016

Food TrucksKeep On Truckin'

If there are two things society could probably agree on it is the importance of carbs and the comfort in familiarity. Put these two concepts into one and the result is simple: Italian food. Pizza and pasta are well-known dishes to many—if not all—people.

Jozarelli's Italian Street Food food truck

Jozarelli’s Italian Street Food food truck

This was something pretty obvious to Jozarelli’s food truck co-owner, Joe Sotomayor. “[We] chose Italian food as something everybody knows and is familiar with,” he said referring to how he and co-owner, Dan Sotomayor, came up with the concept.

Jozarelli’s Italian Street Food was started in 2013 when Joe saw how popular food trucks had become in the Los Angeles area. Food trucks were also increasing popularity in Tucson, but the trucks were largely fusion foods—new and different food concepts. Jozarelli’s took a different spin on food trucks and created one based on what they knew people were already familiar with. Their menu features all things people know and love about Italian food. It contains an array of different pizzas, calzones, pastas, sandwiches, fries, salads, and desserts. Along with options such as pesto pasta and veggie pizza, they also include a You Call It! option which allows the customer to decide for themselves what kind of toppings they want on their dish. Jozarelli’s proves that simplicity can be the best way to go.

Jozarelli's Grilled Chicken Pizza.

Jozarelli’s Grilled Chicken Pizza.

Besides creating a menu filled with familiar foods, Jozarelli’s also prides themselves on using fresh, local ingredients when possible and also making their own pizza dough. Pizza is a staple when it comes to Italian food, and one of Joe’s favorites from the truck is the Grilled Chicken pizza ($10.00). This pizza is about the size of a paper plate and is topped with smoked mozzarella, grilled chicken, bacon, pancetta, and Roma tomatoes. It is delicious. The bacon and pancetta gives the pizza a salty taste that works well with the chicken and mozzarella.

Jozarelli's Pasta Margherita

Jozarelli’s Pasta Margherita

Another dish Joe recommended was the Pasta Margherita ($9.00), penne pasta mixed with marinara sauce, Roma tomatoes, and basil. It’s served in a large portion, filling up a whole takeout box, and is topped with mozzarella cheese. This dish is such a classic Italian pasta dish: pasta, tomato, basil, and cheese. A few simple ingredients that altogether create a nice meal perfect for those who like to keep their foods basic and delicious. Jozarelli’s dishes are served in large enough portions that if shared, there is a definite possibility of room for dessert—another area the food truck does right.

Jozarelli's cannolis covered in powdered sugar.

Jozarelli’s cannolis covered in powdered sugar.

It’s fitting to finish off an Italian meal with some Italian desserts. Jozarelli’s offers cannolis and rainbow cookies both priced at 3 for $4.00. Both desserts are delicious, which makes deciding between the two so much harder.

Jozarelli's rainbow cookies.

Jozarelli’s rainbow cookies.

Jozarelli’s moves locations a lot, which is one of Joe’s favorite parts about owning a food truck. He enjoys getting to move around and seeing how people start to follow the truck’s whereabouts. “That’s kind of the fun of it,” he said. “You get people to follow you and then they see you and stop.” Jozarelli’s does tend to stay on the west side of town and also frequents the corner of Greasewood Road and Starr Pass Boulevard on Thursdays.

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