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Keep On Truckin’: Purple Tree Organic Acai Blends

Acai bowls are commonly found in tropical climates, but Purple Tree brings a little bit of paradise to Tucson through their mobile, solar electric powered kitchen.

October 10, 2016

Keep On Truckin'

Being from California, acai bowls are something I have grown to love—a lot. I love the sweet, yet healthy combination of the ingredients and could eat them any time of day. Coming to Tucson, I didn’t think I would ever be able to find a truly delicious acai bowl in this area because I did not think acai bowls were popular in Tucson. Fortunately there is one saving grace—Purple Tree Organic Acai Blends, more commonly known as the Purple Tree truck. This vibrant purple colored food truck is unique to Tucson and serves up organic acai bowls topped with fresh organic fruits daily.

Purple Tree's menu displayed on the truck.

Purple Tree’s menu displayed on the truck.

With a small menu consisting of juices, smoothies, acai bowls, and coffee deciding what to get was not a hard task. Obviously, the first thing I ordered was a large acai bowl ($7.50). The smoothie base of the bowl consists of an organic acai multi-berry blend. The bowl is topped with organic granola, strawberry, banana, coconut shavings, and honey. The menu also includes a list of a la carte toppings that you can add for .75 cents each.

Acai bowl with extra granola and hemp seeds.

Acai bowl with extra granola and hemp seeds.

While my friend opted to add peanut butter and extra granola to her bowl, I chose to add extra granola and hemp seeds. Along with my bowl, I ordered a small Ethiopian iced coffee sweetened with almond milk and agave ($3.00). Every menu item is made to order, which means the line does move quite slowly—I allotted 30 minutes of waiting time. Despite this long wait, it is well worth it once you get that bowl. It’s the perfect amount of sweet and the granola gives a crunchy bite to the otherwise smooth texture of the acai base. The coffee, for which I did not have any expectations, was delicious. What I expected to be a little bitter in taste, was actually sweetened just perfectly. I had never thought of agave being sweet enough for coffee, but it actually worked well.

Acai bowl with extra granola and peanut butter.

Acai bowl with extra granola and peanut butter.

Co-owners Andre Newman and David Krummenacker started Purple Tree just two years ago. The idea was sparked after both went to Hawaii and saw acai bowls being served everywhere. The two decided that an acai place would do well in Tucson due to the warm weather, college town environment, and health conscious individuals. The goal was to serve organic and healthy options to the community while also being environmentally friendly. Purple Tree is the only food truck in Tucson that has a solar electric powered kitchen, which helps the truck keep its carbon footprint low and also distinguishes it from other food trucks.

Small Ethiopian iced coffee with almond milk and agave.

Small Ethiopian iced coffee with almond milk and agave.

Purple Tree changes locations around Tucson, but they frequent the corner of Park Avenue and 4th Avenue near the U of A campus, Heirloom Famer’s Market on Sunday at Rillito Park, and Tumamoc Hill 3-4 days a week in the evenings.


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