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The Locavore’s Meal Plan:
May 29, 2017

Garden Tomato Soup, Thai Red Curry, and more!

May 26, 2017

Locavore Meal Plan
  1. Fresh Tomato and Swiss Chard Pasta with Breadcrumbs from Edible Baja Arizona: Okay, so get this: Pasta, covered in sauce made from fresh heirloom tomatoes and Swiss chard (balance, am I right?), topped with a large handful or two of homemade parmesan breadcrumbs. I mean, come on! As if this pasta couldn’t get any better, it only takes about 30 minutes to make. Hoo-ray for quick, easy, and fresh dinners!

    Image credit: Shelby Thompson

  2. Swiss Chard and Sweet Potato Gratin from Smitten Kitchen: Despite increasing temperatures, the Swiss chard in my garden is still thriving, and I’m using it as an excuse to make this mouthwatering gratin. Do yourself a favor and make it, too!

    Image credit: Deb Perlman

  3. Garden Tomato Basil Soup from Edible Baja Arizona: This might truly be one of my favorite things to eat. Fresh in-season tomatoes are simmered with onions, carrots, basil, and vegetable stock before they’re pureed into a thick and creamy tomato soup. It’s so, so much better than anything in a can. Oh, and it still goes great with your favorite grilled cheese sammy.

    Image credit: Sheby Thompson

  4. Thai Red Curry with Vegetables from Cookie and Kate: I’m kind of on a curry kick lately. But hey, what’s not to love about a bunch of seasonal veggies simmered in flavorful coconut milk and served over a bed of fluffy rice? That’s what I thought.

    Image Credit: Kate Taylor

  5. Farmers’ Market Orzo Salad from Edible Baja Arizona: A zingy orzo salad filled with all of your favorite summertime farmers’ market ingredients: peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini. This pasta salad makes for great leftovers!

    Image credit: Shelby Thompson




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