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The Locavore’s Meal Plan:
June 5, 2017

Stuffed peppers, warm French lentils, and more!

June 5, 2017

Locavore Meal Plan
  1. Eggplant-Stuffed Bell Peppers from Edible Baja Arizona: Although these stuffed peppers are less traditional than those filled with rice and ground meat, I think that they pack way more flavor and texture. Tender roasted eggplant is mixed with a flavorful tomato sauce and salty olives before it’s ladled into bell pepper halves and topped with grated parmesan. I like to serve these summery peppers over a bed of whole grains, such as cous cous, quinoa. or brown rice.

    Image credit: Shelby Thompson

  2. The Perfect Niçoise Salad from The View From Great Island: There is almost nothing I like better than a good niçoise salad. The versitile salad, made colorful by ripe tomatoes, marigold-colored egg yolks, bright string beans, and purple olives, is easy to make, relies on in-season, high quality ingredients, and is always ready to please (and feed!) a crowd.

    Image credit: Susan Lightfoot Moran

  3. Warm French Lentils with Barrio Bread from Barefoot Contessa: When I get home from picking up my Tucson CSA share on Wednesday nights, I immediately dive into the crusty loaf of Barrio Bread that I get as part of my share. This week, I’m using some leeks and carrots that I got from the Santa Cruz River Farmers’ Market to make the Barefoot Contessa’s Warm French Lentils, which are pefect for soaking up with a few pieces of rustic bread.

    Image credit: Quentin Bacon

  4. Fresh Pasta with Scape-Basil Butter from Edible Baja Arizona: Don’t know what a scape is? (P.S. It’s the stalk of a hardneck garlic plant.) That’s okay! What you really need to know is this: Making fresh pasta at home is easy, cheap, and requires nothing more than a rolling pin and a sharp knife. Use this recipe to make fresh, buttery, garlicky pasta in less than an hour.

    Image credit: Shelby Thompson

  5. Black Bean and Potato Nachos from Oh She Glows: Don’t get me wrong: I love a good plate of chip-based nachos, piled high with beans, salsa, and crisp veggies. However, the crispy, chip-replacing potato wedges in these Black Bean and Potato Nachos are more filling, making this particular plate of flavorful nachos perfect for dinner. I’ll be replacing the black beans with native tepary beans to give these nachos some additional Baja Arizona flavor!

    Image credit: Angela Liddon

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