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Why I Love Where I Eat: Azian Sushi and Korean BBQ

Great variety, fair prices, and good service are abundant at Azian.

December 28, 2016

Why I Love Where I Eat

Avondale resident Valeria Flores has to be in Tucson at least once a week for her job, and she knows just where to go when the sushi urge hits: Azian Sushi and Korean BBQ, where the sushi is fresh and the bill is low.

As a newcomer, Flores practically fell in love at first sight.

“My friends introduced me barely last week to this restaurant and I really like sushi and I like it when sushi’s cheap and when it’s good,” she said. “This place offers that.”

Valeria Flores enjoys the fresh, fairly-priced sushi at Azian.

Valeria Flores enjoys the fresh, fairly-priced sushi at Azian.

On this visit Flores shares miso soup, shrimp tempura, a California roll, a Vegas roll and an order of gyoza. Azian offers the usual assortment of sushi in addition to unique rolls, such as the Flaming Tiki Roll or Pink Lady Roll. If sushi isn’t on your palate, you can also order from an assortment of stir fried noodles and other Korean entrees like Spicy Pork Bulgogi or Kimchi Soup. You can even get a quail egg shooter. Flores, however, likes to keep it simple.

Azian offers a variety of traditional and non-traditional sushi rolls.

Azian offers a variety of traditional and non-traditional sushi rolls.

“I like the spicy California roll because I’m Mexican and I like spicy food; it hits the spot,” she said with a laugh. “I also like the Vegas roll or any type of deep-fried, not-good-for-you roll.”


Azain has an extensive menu that goes beyond sushi.

Flores is no stranger to the restaurant business; her family owns Taqueria La Jacky on Western Avenue in Avondale. She knows a good place when she visits it.

“The atmosphere (here) is nice,” she said. “It’s clean and the staff is friendly, which is always something I look for. As far as speedy service, they bring out the drinks pretty quick and the food comes out in the normal amount of time for a restaurant.”

The atmosphere is very nice; quiet enough to talk but noisy enough so you don’t feel like everyone is listening your conversation. Casual, but you don’t  have to unwrap your food. Plenty of room to sit. It checks off all of Flores’s boxes, especially the cost box.

“If you’re on a budget but still want to go out, this is your place to go,” Flores said.

Azian Sushi and Korean BBQ
15 N. Alvernon Way
Tucson, AZ 85711

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