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Why I Love Where I Eat:
Jun Dynasty

Jun Dynasty offers a variety of
vegan-friendly dishes and excellent service.

December 1, 2016

Why I Love Where I Eat

Linda Kay Johnson, 73, recently made a significant lifestyle change.

After decades of eating Mexican food, her favorite, Johnson now eats vegan.

Linda Kay Johnson began eating at Jun Dynasty when she started eating vegan diet.

Linda Kay Johnson began frequenting Jun Dynasty when she started eating vegan diet.

Now when she dines out Johnson heads to Jun Dynasty: a small, almost hidden Chinese restaurant on the corner of Grant Road and Country Club. There, a broad list of vegan plates such as quick stir fry cabbages, ma po tofu, and stir fried celery with dried tofu wait to tickle her taste buds.

“Everything they have is delicious,” she said.

Both the excellent service and delicious food keep Johnson coming back to Jun Dynasty.

Both the excellent service and delicious food keep Johnson coming back to Jun Dynasty.

On a recent sunny Tuesday, Johnson treated a friend to lunch at Jun Dynasty. Over an appetizer of vegetable spring rolls (very crunchy and satisfying) and a plate of cashew vegetables (interesting to look at and lovely to taste) and steamed rice, Johnson explained what it means to eat vegan.

“We’re not killing anything or causing any harm to anything that we’re eating,” she said. “Some (animals) have a terrible existence before they’re killed. We don’t want any part of that.”

The cashews and (mostly) green vegetables — broccoli, onions, green peppers, bok choy, water chestnuts, carrots and what looked like dark leafy mushrooms — arrived steaming from the kitchen. One taste and it was easy to see why Johnson likes this entrée so much. The delicate white sauce that covered the still crispy vegetables really gave the vegetables flavor and even made the broccoli palatable.


A variety of perfectly-cooked vegetables are tossed with crunchy cashews and coated in a delicate sauce.

As the lunch hour wore on, the restaurant grew busier. Johnson took her time and relished her food. “The atmosphere here is always pleasant,” she said. “They’re unhurried. You can take your time.”

Johnson has no regrets about her new way of eating.

“I haven’t missed other things … much,” she said with a laugh.

Still, when Johnson is tired of cooking and wants something good, she knows where to go.

“The service is excellent, the food is excellent and for someone who eats like I do, there are a lot of great choices,” she said with a smile.

That is why Johnson loves where she eats.

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