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Meet Angela Martinez, eBA Intern

Angela Martinez started cooking at age seven and still loves it today.

September 1, 2017

My name is Angela Martinez. I am a 20-year-old daughter to two wonderful parents from Nogales, Sonora and Nogales, Arizona, where I was born. I love music, dogs, food, and anything that can make me laugh. I currently live in Tucson with my twin sister and 10-month-old chihuahua mix, Bruno. I am a student at the University of Arizona majoring in journalism and minoring in both Spanish and marketing. I always say to myself and my family that if I wasn’t studying journalism, I would probably be cooking up a storm in culinary school.

I had no idea I would ever want to pursue a career in journalism. I started college as a business major thinking I would end up working for a big company in marketing. After quickly realizing that business was not the best fit for me, I decided to give journalism a try; now, I am beginning my third year as a journalism major. In the past two years, I have had the opportunity to report for the Daily Wildcat, where I focused on covering diversity on campus as well as other general news assignments. This experience has taught me what it is to see the world through a journalistic perspective and has enabled me to call myself a journalist. My perspective on life and various situations has widened, and I now often consider the fact that there are stories in people’s everyday lives, in the things sometimes overlooked or not questioned. I am passionate about journalism because it has the ablity to impact a viewer or reader by offering a different angle and outlook they may have not considered or thought of before.

My interest in food and cooking came from eating the food my Nana made for me growing up. At a very early age I began to question how it was possible for someone to make something that tastes so divine. I then started cooking in an attempt to replicate my Nana’s beloved food. The first meal I cooked, at age seven, was a plate of scrambled eggs. There were egg shells in the pan, and at the end of the week the leftovers were still in the fridge. Now that I have transitioned to a vegetarian diet, I still love to cook and imitate Gordon Ramsey’s techniques to improve my skills in the kitchen. You can often find me recreating non-vegetarian dishes into ones I can eat and share with others. Most recently, my mom and I recreated sopa de tortilla into a vegan version. I’m most inspired by how much room for creativity there is in vegan and vegetarian cuisine. I love to spend my free time tasting that creativity at Tucson’s vegetarian establishments like the Tasteful Kitchen, Cashew Cow, and Lovin’ Spoonfuls.

During my time interning for Edible Baja Arizona, I am excited to step away from my comfort zone in journalism to broaden my experience by writing about all things food. I feel ready to hit the ground running and start working on stories where I can explore and learn different things about food and share what I learn with others.

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