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Meet Maritza Cruz,
eBA Summer Intern


June 19, 2017

eBA Interns

Food was always something that brought my family together. Food was tradition and tradition was everything in a Mexican-American household. My mother, my nana[1] and my tías[2] would cram into our cocina[3]. It was so tiny you could reach out and touch your fingertips to the counters on either side. I watched from the dining room table as my family prepared the food.

Three generations of Morales sangre[4] were all together under one roof. We shared the same Azteca nose and the same laugh lines. It was the Morales badge, and I wore it with pride. They’d laugh so loud that every inch of our adobe brick house would quake.

“Que corneta[5]!” my father teased. He was in the living room with my tíos[6] and my tata[7]. They were trying to watch a football game I didn’t care about.

Then one of my tías would make a joke at the expense of their husband, and they’d go back to cocinando y chistando. [8]

There was always some kind of food associated with the Catholic holidays. Tamales and pozole for Christmas, menudo for New Year’s Day, carne asada for Easter and chicken tacos whenever my brother and I had a special accomplishment.

Family dinners were one of the most important things to my mother. We’d gather around the dining table at 6:00 p.m. every day. It brought us together, even though I didn’t see it until now.

Food is important to me because I see how it brings people together. There is always a story behind a plate of food, a kind of precious secret. This is what brought me to Edible Baja Arizona. I want to explore the stories between the ingredients.

I’ve always been passionate about writing and had a longing to travel. When I started college, I didn’t know what I wanted to study. After some thought, I figured I could have the best of both worlds by studying journalism. Since then, I’ve discovered a passion for photography and videography. I will be graduating early in May 2018. I’m hoping to pursue a career in documentary film making.

I’m a creature of habit. When I find a restaurant I love I always find my way back. I’m hoping to venture out of my comfort zone and explore the food community in Tucson this summer. I’m excited for this incredible opportunity at Edible Baja Arizona to find my voice, expand my journalism experience and develop stronger storytelling skills.

[1] Grandmother
[2] Aunts
[3] Kitchen
[4] Blood
[5] Spanish slang for “How loud!” Corneta meaning horn, loud like a horn.
[6] Uncles
[7] Grandfather
[8] Cooking and joking

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