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Upcoming Event: Octopus Agave Harvest at the Murphy-Wilmot Library

Love your library? Bring a piece of it home to plant!

June 17, 2016

Upcoming Events

What: Take Home Your Very Own Octopus Agave Pup From the Library
When: Wednesday, June 22, beginning at 10:00am
Where: Murphy-Wilmot Library, 530 N. Wilmot Road

From its wide collection of arid-climate gardening books to its internationally-recognized Seed Library, the Pima County Public Library proudly embraces its place in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, and as a steward of sustainability.

The Library also works with partner organizations (from Southwest Victory Gardens to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona) to educate and inspire on all things desert gardening and food production. One such partnership is with the Pima County Native Plant Nursery, whose staff works tirelessly to help reintroduce native species back into our urban desert. Thanks to the Nursery, many of Pima County’s libraries feature desert-adapted plants in their landscaping.

The Murphy-Wilmot Library is just one of those, with nearly three dozen Octopus Agaves dotting the area surrounding the building. Having reached maturity, these beautiful, often described as graceful, succulents provided more than 35,000 bulbis, or pups, that are ready to be planted.  

Visions from the future: today's octopus agave pup can grow into tomorrow's octopus agave masterpiece.

Visions from the future: today’s octopus agave pup can grow into tomorrow’s octopus agave masterpiece. Photo courtesy of Anneke Moore.

Jessie Byrd, Manager of the Native Plant Nursery, helped harvest and re-pot the pups and the Library is making them available to anyone who wishes to grow a piece of their library at home. Drought-tolerant with leaves that arch and curve, these agaves are both easy to care for and lend a dramatic shape to any arid garden.

Swing by the Murphy-Wilmot Library (Wilmot Rd. between Speedway and Broadway Blvds.) on Wednesday, June 22 to claim your Octopus Agave. The event will begin at 10 am and continue until the agaves or potting soil runs out.

Unsure about your green thumb? Don’t worry! From Mary Irish’s quintessential Gardening in the Desert to xeriscape expert, Greg Starr’s Agaves: Living Sculptures for Landscapes and Containers, the Library has plenty of books to help you along the way.

Bring home your agave and watch it thrive and grow – its strong, elegant, twisting leaves always a reminder of the library, your connection to it, and our proud, desert community.  

Header image by James L. Christy, used with permission from the Murphy-Wilmot Library.

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