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On the Line

For 56 years, Rodolfo Monroy has served patrons at La Posada, a restaurant on the United States/Mexico border.

October 31, 2017

About two blocks from “la linea,” or the United States/Mexico border in Nogales, La Posada Restaurant serves traditional northern Mexican food like enchiladas rojas, caldo de res, tacos dorados, and homemade flan.

The restaurant is located on Hidalgo street, around the corner from where a donkey stands for Nogales tourists to take pictures with.

La Posada is decorated with paintings, family photos, and colorful statues of the Virgin De Guadalupe.

“I opened La Posada the 21st of October in 1961,” said owner of the restaurant, Rodolfo “Don Fito” Monroy. “In the years we have been open we have seen people from Tucson, Nogales, Arizona, and the entire state come try our food.”

The restaurant has been open for 56 years. Monroy says he established the restaurant with many sacrifices, and until this day he is happy to see the restaurant serving people.

“Many people come from far away and they get the taste of traditional homemade food. In all of Mexico, the hour of mealtime is a time of family and reunion,” said Claudia Gomez, a customer of the restaurant for nearly a decade.

In the morning La Posada serves traditional breakfast dishes like chorizo with eggs, machaca (dried meat), and pancakes. During the “almuerzo,” or lunch time of the day, they always have soups available, like tortilla soup and tlalpeno soup, a soup made with chicken meat, chipotle sauce, and a variety of vegetables. For dinner, the restaurant serves all traditional Mexican food, from enchiladas to gorditas and milanesas.

Red Cheese Enchiladas are just one of the many menu items offered at La Posada.

La Posada also makes a salsa made of hibiscus flowers, which is served with fresh tortilla chips.

“I have come here every day of the week for 20 years, I keep coming ‘cause the environment feels like family and the food is delicious,” said Rogelio Olivarría Horcasitas, a regular at the restaurant. “It’s the owner who  makes it this way so you feel you are at home, who gives that warmth to people. It’s not a gourmet restaurant but it’s cozy and you feel good enough to enjoy your meal here.”

Colorful paintings cover the walls of La Posada.

Every wall of the restaurant is decorated with paintings, black and white pictures of Don Fito’s family, and awards he has won for his service in the community. Colorful statues of the Virgin De Guadalupe are displayed around the restaurant, and pinatas hang from the ceiling above the tables made of red and orange tile.

“I was never rich, I have nothing more than my business, so when I can help people with what I do have, it is the greatest pleasure I can ask for,” Monroy said.

Rodolfo Monroy, owner of La Posada restaurant sits in his home as he talks about the memories he has of his restaurant in Nogales, Sonora.

The restaurant is open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day of the week.

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