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Pop-Up Tucson:
Dinner with Purveyors

Enjoy seven surprise courses sourced from local Arizona purveyors.

October 3, 2017

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What: Pop-Up Tucson: Dinner with Purveyors
When: Saturday, October 14th
Where: Location TBD

Greet autumn with open arms at Pop-Up Tucson: Dinner with Purveyors, complete with a fall harvest inspired menu. Chef Jesse Carpenter will be working with Pop-Up Tucson’s Chef Riley to put together a 7-course meal inspired by local ingredients from Arizona purveyors.

This, like Pop-Up Tucson’s other dinners, will be a 7-course masterpiece. Unlike other Pop-Up Tucson dinners, each local purveyor will briefly speak in regard to the origin of their product and will explain how it was incorporated into the dish. You’ll hear from farmers, bakers, baristas, and more!

Though I wish I could tell you what the menu is going to be (it’s released 24hrs before the event), I can say that it will be delicious and worthwhile.

Purveyor Pairings:
1st course:
Chaz Shelton of Merchant’s Garden

2nd Course:
Don Guerra of Barrio Bread

3rd Course:
Luke and Michael Muthart of Top Knot Farms

4th Course:
Erik Stanford of Pivot Produce

5th Course:
Bruce Laird of Avra Valley Growers

6th Course:
Garren of Double Check Ranch

7th Course:
Curtis Zimmerman of Presta Coffee

Tickets for the dinner are $125, or you could splurge and sit at the Chef’s Table for $25 more.

Purchase your tickets here.

Header image by CJ Agbannawag.

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