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Q & A: All About
Edible Baja Arizona’s Edible Excursions

The pages of Edible Baja Arizona come alive on brand-new Edible Excursions, fostering community, learning and fun.

January 22, 2016

Edible Excursions

I sat down with Doug Biggers, publisher of Edible Baja Arizona magazine, to talk about the magazine’s brand new Edible Excursions series. These one-of-a-kind, food-fueled journeys around Baja Arizona invite attendees to explore our local foodshed in a way only Edible Baja Arizona can. Learn more and reserve your spot on an upcoming excursion on the Edible Excursions page here.

What are Edible Excursions?

The main idea behind Edible Excursions is to take readers of the the magazine into the field to meet people and go to places that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to do on your own. We want to bring the pages of the magazine alive and foster community, learning and fun.

Is there a specific goal or inspiration behind each excursion?

The primary inspiration of the excursions comes from the people and organizations we’re visiting. There is so much happening in this region related to innovations in food, culinary heritage and the local food system, we want to celebrate it by actually taking people there to experience it first hand.

How do you pick where an Edible Excursion will go? How can a business sign up to become part of an excursion?

These first tours are largely experimenting with concepts—although we guarantee that everyone will have a great time and receive excellent value—and seeing what makes the most sense. We’re mainly working with businesses that advertise and support Edible Baja Arizona. In fact, we think it makes a lot of sense to largely go to places that are advertising with Edible, since there are so many options. We’re working with a really knowledgeable person, Tana Fryer, who is the proprietor of Blu—A Wine and Cheese Stop. She had a store at the Mercado San Agustin until recently, and is very connected with many players in the local food scene, including the burgeoning winery industry in the Willcox and Sonoita/Elgin areas.

Why did Edible Baja Arizona decide to start organizing Excursions? Does this have anything to do with Tucson’s City of Gastronomy designation?

The recent designation of Tucson as a UNESCO World City of Gastronomy definitely spurred us to get this concept going. We think there is a vast amount of potential for the local foods community to leverage this international attention, and one way to do that is by enabling people to go directly to the source on a guided tour.

What type of person do you have in mind when you plan an Edible Excursion?

I think anyone who loves the magazine would love these trips.

What types of Excursions do you have planned currently, and where are they going?

For the full scoop, people should see the individual excursion pages to read the full itineraries, which are detailed. The four trips are all day trips, starting in Downtown Tucson and either spending a day in Tucson or going to the Sonoita area or the Willcox area, and we have one trip that is going about an hour south of the border to Magdalena. That trip repeats twice in March.

You’ve said that Edible Excursions are a great deal for the cost considering what you get. How much do tickets to Excursions cost, what is included, and what makes them a great deal?

The local trip is $125 and covers all food and drink from coffee to lunch to a wine tasting to a brewery tour, and includes many stops. The out of town trips are a bit more at $175, but also include all food and drink. You will definitely eat well on these Excursions!

What days are Excursions offered on? Do you anticipate offering more days?

These first Excursions are just on Sundays, but depending on how things go, we’d love to offer them on weekdays, too. We are also looking at multi-day trips and overnight trips.

Are there any special discounts on Edible Excursions currently being offered?

If you are a Localist member of Local First Arizona, you can get a $25 discount. Join today! There is also a discount for purchasing two tickets together. Tickets are available on the eBA website.

Is there anywhere you’d really like to plan an excursion to that you don’t yet have in the works?

We are planning a great weekend in Bisbee, and we’d love to do a Tubac/Tumacacori/Nogales trip. There are so many wonderful places to explore, we’re really just getting started.

Anything else people should know?

Please check out the Excursions pages on the eBA website and sign up! We believe these trips can become a regular part of the Baja Arizona food and drink experience and we hope readers will check them out and tell their friends.

Learn more about the upcoming Edible Excursions and reserve your spot today by heading to


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