Brined Green Tomatoes with Basil

May 11, 2016

Brined Green Tomatoes with Basil
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Brined Green Tomatoes with Basil
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Servings: 1 scant quart
  1. Wide-mouth quart Mason jars
  2. An airlock system designed for a wide-mouth quart Mason jar
  3. A large nonreactive bowl
  4. A kitchen scale that has both grams and ounces
  5. A wooden spoon
  6. Something to weight the vegetables to keep them submerged (brining only)
  1. Place the crushed garlic clove and the basil at the bottom of a quart jar.
  2. On top of the garlic and basil, add the tomato pieces, 1 handful at a time. You can shake the jar from side to side to help them settle, but do not pack them down. They should come no higher than the top of the jar’s shoulder.
  3. Pour the brine into the jar so it completely covers the vegetables. Use a wooden chopstick to jiggle the contents to help remove air bubbles. Weight, cover with an airlock, and ferment for up to two weeks. You may begin tasting for doneness after 3 days.
  4. Cover, label, and refrigerate for long-term storage.
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