Cauliflower Chorizo Breakfast Tacos


July 13, 2017

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Cauliflower Chorizo Breakfast Tacos
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Cauliflower Chorizo Breakfast Tacos
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  1. Run the cauliflower through a food processor with a grater plate, or use a hand grater, until it’s all shredded.
  2. Heat a large skillet over medium high heat and add 1 tablespoon of ghee.
  3. Once your skillet is hot, add the cauliflower, chorizo spice mix, and vinegar to the hot pan. Stir to combine, then allow it to sit undisturbed for several minutes so that some crispy bits can form. This helps the texture become more sausage-like. Repeat stirring, and then allow it to sit until the cauliflower is soft and begins to brown, about 7-8 minutes. While the cauliflower cooks, heat a small pan with a lid over medium-low heat.
  4. Once the pan is hot, warm the tortillas in the pan one at a time, for about 30 seconds per side, then put them onto your plates.
  5. Once the tortillas are done, add 1 teaspoon of ghee to the tortilla pan. Once it has melted, crack an egg into the pan. Sprinkle the egg with salt and pepper, then put the lid on. Cook until the whites are set, but they yolk is still soft, about 2-3 minutes.
  6. When the egg is finished cooking, place it on one of the tortillas, and repeat with the remaining teaspoon of ghee and remaining egg.
  7. To assemble your tacos, scoop half of the cauliflower chorizo on top of each egg, then cover with whatever toppings you like!
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