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Weekly CSA Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles

Skip the canned pumpkin and make snickerdoodle cookies bursting with fall flavor thanks to fresh pumpkin puree, in this week’s CSA-inspired recipe.

November 5, 2015

Weekly CSA Recipe
Fresh local pumpkin and some locally sourced milk make a sweet pair.

Fresh local pumpkin and some locally sourced milk make a sweet pair.

Until just a few years ago, I thought that the pumpkins adorning my favorite grocery store each fall were sold only to be carved into a scary face or cat silhouette. If I wanted to bake a pumpkin pie, or perhaps some pumpkin muffins, I headed straight to the baking isle for a can of pureed pumpkin. The sturdy, beautiful orange pumpkins stayed on my front porch until I came across a recipe for soup that called for freshly pureed pumpkin. I figured I’d give it a try, and I’ve never looked back. Homemade pumpkin puree is fresh, flavorful, and much prettier than canned pumpkin puree. It can be frozen to use throughout the year, and it’s so easy to make.

Although I love savory pumpkin dishes, pumpkin first and foremost screams DESSERT to me. Pumpkin pies, muffins, pancakes, I’m all over it. When I picked out my perfectly-sized pie pumpkin at Tucson CSA this week, I knew great (sweet) things would come of it. A few hours passed, and I pulled the first batch of Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles out of my oven. Perfectly golden, soft, and sweet, they allowed my freshly pureed pumpkin to shine and didn’t overwhelm it with sugar and butter. In fact, these cookies are vegan and call for less than half the sugar of most snickerdoodle recipes. They’re also 100% whole wheat, but hey, who’s counting?


Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles
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Snickerdoodles made with fresh pumpkin puree make a mouthwatering treat.
Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles
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Snickerdoodles made with fresh pumpkin puree make a mouthwatering treat.
Homemade Pumpkin Puree
  1. Heat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Cut the stem off of your pumpkin, cut the pumpkin in half, and scoop the seeds out of the center.
  3. Coat the pumpkin halves with a small amount of olive oil and place each pumpkin half cut-side down on a baking sheet.
  4. Bake for 45-50 minutes, or until the flesh of the pumpkin is tender and can be stabbed with a fork.
  5. Wait until the pumpkin cools, then scoop the flesh into a blender or food processor.
  6. Blend until the puree is creamy and free of lumps.
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. (No need to preheat if you make the cookies the same day you bake the pumpkin, just leave the oven on!)
  2. In a mixing bowl, beat together the coconut oil and pureed pumpkin.
  3. Once the mixture is smooth, add the brown sugar and beat it with a whisk for about 30 seconds, or until the mixture is smooth.
  4. Add the cold almond milk and vanilla extract to the bowl and continue to beat for another 30 seconds. The temperature of the almond milk will cause the coconut oil to harden: this is okay!
  5. Add flour, pumpkin pie spice, baking soda, baking powder, cream of tartar, and salt to the bowl.
  6. Mix the dough until everything is smooth and evenly combined.
  7. In a small bowl, stir the cane sugar and cinnamon together.
  8. Use a tablespoon to measure each ball of dough.
  9. Roll each tablespoon of dough into a ball before rolling it in the bowl of cinnamon and sugar to cover the surface of the dough.
  10. Place each ball of dough 2" apart on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  11. Bake the cookies for 8-10 minutes, depending on how well-done you like them.
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shelby Shelby Thompson is a recent graduate of the University of Arizona. When she isn’t working her day job, Shelby can be found practicing in the yoga studio, playing ball with her black lab Cola, and cooking in the kitchen. Her blog,, aims to provide nutritious, plant-based recipes for fellow food lovers. She greatly enjoys the wide array of local food and talent in Tucson.

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