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Seed & Sow; Zona 78 Features Local Artisans

Behind the scenes of the Tucson Food System is a budding group of growers, ranchers, and artisan producers. Come celebrate with us as we highlight their crafts, from Seed to Sow.

September 4, 2014

ON WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY from 5:00 – 10:00 pm each day, Chef Kevin Fink is curating a locally sourced feast at the Tanque Verde location of Zona 78: Italian Kitchen, Stone Fired Foods (7301 E Tanque Verde Rd. in Tucson).

Behind the scenes of the Tucson Food System is a budding group of growers, ranchers, and artisan producers. Come celebrate with us as we highlight their crafts from seed to sow. Featuring ingredients from Five Sons Farm, Walking J Farm, Sleeping Frog Farms, Hayden Flour Mills, Fiore di Capra, Ten Fifty-Five Brewing, Whiskey Del Bac by Hamilton Distillers, Iron John’s Brewing Company, E & R Pork, and more.

For more information and to reserve your spot call 520.296.7878 .

Tapas-sized dishes range from $10-$18, 5 courses for $60.

THE MENU is likely to be modified according to what is available but here are some of the planned dishes:

Salt Roasted Crooked Sky Sweet Potatoes with Fresh Chevre from Fiore di Capra, Wild Greens from Sleeping Frog Farms and Local Watercress and Beet Greens $10

Creosote Panna Cotta, Wild Juniper Rye Crumb, Sleeping Frog Farm Roasted Beets, EVOO Poached Local Fennel, Beet Agrodolce, Our Garden’s Thai Basil $11

Hayden Mills Farro Mafalda, Five Sons Lamb, Garden Mint, Walking J Pickled Onions and Sleeping Frog Fava Beans $16

Five Sons and E & R Pork Chicharones. Lime Zest, Vinegar Powder, Chiltepin Dust $9

Wild Yeast Sourdough Beignets: Crispy Local Kale Chip, Candied Ajo Rojo Garlic Chip, Seared Kale Dust $14

Rotolo of San Rafael Beef made from White Sonoran Wheat with Wild Desert Herbs Sauce, Walking J Zinnia Flowers and Onion Petals, Native Seed Chili Vinegar $18

Noel Patterson’s Beeswax, Fior di Capra Cave Aged Goat, Brioche of Sonoran White Wheat, Fiore di Capra Brown Butter, Roasted Local Nuts, Garden Oxalis $13

Desert Kimchi, Roasted Local Berkshire Pork, Other Stuff $16

Arizona Ramen: Fermented Maggie’s Mushrooms, Five Sons Farm Perfect Egg, Red Waddle Pork Belly, Pickled Maggie’s Mushrooms, Pickled Local Vegetables, Local Pork Broth, Blue Beard Durum Noodles $16

Blue Beard Durum Pappardelle: Walking J Cherry Tomatoes, Ajo Rojo Garlic, Sarah Farms Stracciatella, Garden Basil, Fiore di Capra Cultured Butter $15

San Rafael Valley Kansas City Strip, Hayden Mills Polenta, Mushrooms in Keeling Schaefer Wine, Wild Rosemary $28

E & R Local Berkshire Pork Chop, Pickled Cherries, Geoff’s Mom’s Lemon Verbena & Thyme, Sleeping Frog Farm Georgia Southern Collard Greens, Whiskey Del Bac and Cherry Sauce. $26

Five Sons Farm Rack of Lamb or Porterhouse of Lamb, Confit of Crooked Sky Farm Eggplant, 12-Hour Tomatoes, Queen Creek Olives, Hayden Mills Chickpea and Parsley Puree $28

Arizona Antipasti: House cured Guanciale, Salami, Local Eggplant, Wilcox Apple Jam, Candied Local Nuts, Tucson Artisan Bread $12

Hayden Mills Roasted Chickpeas, Raw Corn, Cilantro, Garden Thai Basil & Italian Basil, Fermented Local Tomatoes, 6 month aged Zona 78 Lardo $13

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