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Why I Love Where I Eat:
Sushi Lounge

Sushi Lounge offers a comfortable ambiance alongside a pan-Asian menu.

February 15, 2017

Why I Love Where I Eat

Where does a sushi chef go to eat on his day off? Where does he take his family on holidays, when he doesn’t want to cook and everyone is tired of traditional holiday fare?

To Sushi Lounge, of course. It turns out that Sushi Lounge, located right across the street from the rodeo grounds, is open on holidays, too.

The California Tempura Roll at Sushi Lounge.

The California Tempura Roll at Sushi Lounge.

“You get tired of menudo and pozole so I had (my husband) call and they were open,” Beatriz Verdugo said. “I was excited.”

It’s Verdugo’s first choice when it comes to eating out, even if it’s not a holiday. Her sushi chef husband likes to come here when he wants someone to cook for him. The menu is extensive, prices are reasonable, and the ambiance is casual. In short, it’s the ideal place for two parents with a hungry, active youngster.

“Every time I come here it’s not so packed,” she said. “It’s good service; they’re pretty quick.”

Miso Soup at Sushi Lounge.

Miso Soup at Sushi Lounge.

On this visit, Verdugo and her two-year-old daughter, Victoria, ordered her go-to meal at Sushi Lounge: chicken lo mein and a California tempura roll.

“It’s very tasty… and decent quality,” she said.

The Sushi Lounge, a kind of pan-Asian experience, specializes in a broad range of foods, according to the menu. There are plenty of dishes, including a baked mackerel dinner, General Tao’s chicken dinner, and Japanese curry. There are sushi boats, teppanyaki, and “Lounge” boxes, which come with miso soup, green salad, tempura, a California roll, gyoza, sweet and sour chicken, fried rice and yakisoba. There is also a fairly broad range of sushi to be had.

Verdugo said she is not a very adventurous eater but she also has to work within the confines of food allergies. Sushi Lounge fills the bill perfectly.

“It’s a really nice place to come, very family oriented,” she said.

No meal out is complete without dessert, so on this visit, Victoria and her mother tasted green tea ice cream for the first time. For Victoria, it was a hit.

A bowl of green tea ice cream at Sushi Lounge.

A bowl of green tea ice cream at Sushi Lounge.

Sushi Lounge
4802 S. Sixth Ave.
Tucson, AZ

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