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Why I Love Where I Eat:
Taco Giro

The Mexican food at Taco Giro tastes like the Old Pueblo.

February 8, 2017

Why I Love Where I Eat

Let’s face it.

When you want Mexican food, you can go to just about any corner in the Old Pueblo and get some good stuff, so we all have our favorites. Taco Giro on Grande (or if I’m on the other side of town, Valencia) happens to be mine. So that is why on a recent sunny Tuesday afternoon I found myself sitting on the restaurant’s outdoor patio with Sister Angelica Velez.

Sister Angelica Velez at Taco Giro.

Sister Angelica Velez at Taco Giro.

Sr. Angelica is assigned to the St. Thomas More Newman Center at the University of Arizona. A Phoenix native, she grew up with Mexican food but had never been to Taco Giro. What a pleasure it was to introduce the two; I believe it might turn into a lasting relationship.

Sr. Angelica’s first impression of Taco Giro came when she tried the bean dip that diners are served when they sit down.

“These beans are delicious,” she said. The dip gives a little nip on the tongue, “but in a good way. Not too hot … It’s a soft flavor for the beans. You wouldn’t know it was beans. At first, I thought it was salsa.”

The menu features the usual stuff such as tacos and burritos, and there are a fair number of seafood dishes as well. Sr. Angelica ordered the cheese enchiladas, which come with lots of beans and rice. I got the beef taquitos, which are my favorite because they come with guacamole. Both dishes, which are lunch specials, did not disappoint. Sr. Angelica said they really taste like Tucson.

The beef taquitos at Taco Giro come with good guacamole.

The beef taquitos at Taco Giro come with good guacamole.

“This is flavorful of the Pueblo environment,” she said. “Literally, the ambiance is about the Old Pueblo … Look at the barrio; you’re in the barrio but you can also be downtown and you still have this kind of flavor. It’s great because it carries what Tucson is about.”

The food at Taco Giro tastes like the Old Pueblo.

The food at Taco Giro tastes like the Old Pueblo.

Sr. Angelica has a heart for those who are undocumented in this country; she works with university students looking for ways to help them. In addition to the food, the clientele at Taco Giro really made an impression on Sr. Angelica.

“You really know they’re the locals,” she said.

That is why Sr. Angelica and I love where we eat.

Taco Giro
610 N. Grande Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85745

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