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Tank’s Green Stuff Wins
‘Composter of the Year’ Award

Tank’s Green Stuff is recognized by the USCC for
its organic compost and altruism in the community.

January 9, 2017

Organic gardeners love Tank’s Green Stuff, and so does the United States Composting Council. The USCC has deemed Tank’s Green Stuff the 2016 Composter of the Year. What does this award mean? According to USCC, the Composter of the Year award is “awarded to a commercial-scale composting facility, public or private, which has displayed excellence in both compost production and marketing/distribution. The nominated facility must be in operation for a minimum of 5 years, process more than 10,000 tons of feedstock per year and in regulatory compliance for the last 3 years.”

Tank’s Green Stuff is a project of The Fairfax Companies, a Tucson company that is dedicated to improving the environment through creative and innovative business practices. With over 40,000 cubic yards of the 100% organic compost made each year, it’s no wonder Tank’s Green stuff caught the eye of the USCC. Since production of Tank’s Green Stuff began in 2012, the product has grown immensely and is now sold in over 42 retail locations in Arizona.

Tank’s Green Stuff has also lent a hand to the community of Southern Arizona. The organic compost has been donated to over 30 community and school gardens, and a portion of annual bag sales is donated to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. Tank’s employees promote sustainable growing practices by teaching composting seminars to the public.

We are honored to have such a wonderful business in the community, and extend our sincere congratulations to Tank’s Green Stuff.

Header image by Adela Antoinette from the article “Grow Your Soil” from our November/December 2016 issue. 

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