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September 5, 2015

DrinkIssue 14: September/October 2015


Dew Point Dunkel, Sentinel Peak Brewing Company

This dark and medium-bodied Munich Dunkel-style beer maintains the vocabulary of tasting notes usually attached to a stout or porter (toffee, hazelnut, maple syrup) while maintaining a mouth-feel and lightness that allow a more quaffable brew. The beer utilizes both Tettnanger and Crystal hops and carries an ABV of 5.7 percent. The tasting room is under construction as they expand into the storefront next to them, but their beers are still pouring. Stop by for a long lunch with a pint of the Dew Point Dunkel. Sentinel Peak Brewing Company. 4746 E. Grant Road. 520.777.9456.


2009 Callaghan Vineyards Padres

Ken Callaghan is one of the top winemakers on the Arizona wine scene and continues to embrace the arid climate as something to be celebrated in his wine production. Honest expression of terroir and proper varietal selection should always be a priority over mass marketability and increased production numbers. The 2009 Padres is a prime example of what our region is capable of. This red blend of 60 percent Tempranillo, 30 percent Grenache, and 10 percent Syrah showcases the concentrated stewed plums you might find in a southern Rhône wine with the green bell-pepper zest in some international-styled Riojas. The full body and wide net of tannins demand that this bottle be enjoyed with prime rib for dinner. Callaghan Vineyards. 336 Elgin Road. Elgin. 520.455.5322.


Frozen Piña Colada

Many locals may not realize the importance of Kon Tiki but their reign as the king of tiki here in the Southwest has endured since 1963. As all things tiki come back into popularity across the country, we should all take a trip to Kon Tiki and pay respects to our elders in the cocktail game. Their frozen piña colada is a classic for a reason: creamy, acidic, a little chewy, and chock full of rum. Blending the cocktail makes it a bit more drinkable, as the dilution brings the absurd amount of sugar into context. This drink is best enjoyed with a group of close friends, and a cab driver near by. Kon Tiki. 4625 E. Broadway Blvd. 520.323.7193.

Bryan Eichhorst is a native Tucsonan, unapologetic sommelier, dedicated evangelist of Oaxacan mescal, and the beverage director at Penca.

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