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Teatime Tuesday: Boldly Sweet Gu Zhu Zi Sun

If you like green tea, you’re going to love this tea. If you don’t like green tea, you might just love it anyway.

February 16, 2016

Teatime Tuesdays

Temperatures may be rising in Baja Arizona, but it’s not quite time to put away the tea cups – especially on still-chilly nights, a hot mug of cup of tea pairs perfectly with sitting outside in the weather we have the privilege of calling “winter nights” in Tucson, AZ. To that end, we’re providing some tea time inspiration with eight weeks of posts highlighting teas from Seven Cups Tea, a local Tucson tea shop. Offering everything from traditional tea ceremonies to over 70 loose leaf Chinese tea varieties, Seven Cups is an Arizona resource for exploring both Chinese tea and the traditions that surround it.

It’s the big push-to-publish week here at the office, as we get ready to send our March/April 2016 issue off to the printers. As you might expect, everyone is in do-stuff mode, which meant today’s tea choice needed to be up to fueling an office of people who had already been hitting the coffee/matcha/energy drinks earlier in the day. Luckily, the Gu Zhu Zi Sun (Purple Bamboo Shoot) tea was up to the challenge.

The Gu Zhu Zi Sun from Seven Cups packs a punch – a tasty, tasty, green tea punch.

The Gu Zhu Zi Sun from Seven Cups packs a punch – a tasty, tasty, green tea punch.

Bold on the tongue at first, Gu Zhu Zi Sun mellows to a sweet aftertaste, and after a couple cups, I can state with confidence that this tea is definitely not decaf. This is a tea for green tea lovers, or anyone who likes a tea that makes them stop and pay attention with every sip. While I am not a green tea lover, I was charmed by the blend of bold and sweet, and I love the instructions on the back of this tea’s bag: “Take time to notice the tea leaves floating on the water similar to elegant Chinese orchids.”

$14.92 buys you 25 grams of tea, and 4 grams (2 tablespoons) is enough to brew sixteen ounces. Recommended steep time is at least two minutes, though I had no complaints about the cups poured after it had steeped longer. There are slightly less infusions to this tea than some of Seven Cups other teas, yet four infusions per batch is still vastly superior to what you can get out of your standard store-bought tea bag. As with all of Seven Cup’s teas, the Gu Shu Zi Sun is available in-store or online.

We’re coming down the homestretch, but there are still a few more teas to go. Check in next week for a new preview, and until then, happy tea drinking!

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