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Ten Southern Arizona Business
Owners You Need to Know (Part II)


February 14, 2017

Sisters Denise Purvis, Mary McKay, and Susan Quiroga use their fifth-generation farming skills to run Harris Heritage Growers, a “pick it yourself” family farm that has been operating in Arizona since 1872.

Alicia Bon Martin’s business skills and loyalty to Mexico allowed La Roca to survive several economic recessions in Nogales. This year, La Roca will celebrate its 45th year as a family-run-and-owned restaurant.  

When Kira Dixon-Weinstein returned to Arizona after a decade in New York, she set out to give Tucsonans a “sense of place” by creating a community of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and local food producers at the Mercado San Agustín. 

Austin and Zhuping Hodge opened Seven Cups, one of the first fine quality Chinese tea shops in the U.S., in Sam Hughes. Thirteen years and one brutal recession later, it continues to thrive. Until Seven Cups owners Austin and Zhuping Hodge opened shop, no fine quality Chinese tea could be purchased in the United States.

Richard and Shana Oseran have owned the historic Hotel Congress for the last thirty years. Since the Oserans took ownership, Hotel Congress has “become renown around the world as a music venue, culinary destination, and historic landmark.”Although Richard and Shana Oseran didn’t set out to own a hotel, they’ve transformed the space into an anchor in the Tucson community.

Alethea Swift has been raising goats since the age of four. Today, she owns and operates Fiore Di Capra, a successful goat cheese, milk, and yogurt company that thrives on her love for working with goats.Alethea and Michael's daughter, Caitlyn, says that the goats become part of the family:"We become the mamas."

Rebecca and Scott Safford used their love for beer and Tucson to create a warm, beer-imbibing community at Tap & Bottle.If Tap & Bottle had a motto, it’d be this one, exalted by co-owner Rebecca Safford.

Phil Ostrom began growing vegetables in his Radio Flyer wagon at the age of seven. Today, his business Patagonia Orchards grows more than 10 million pounds of organic produce each year. Patagonia Orchards owner Phil Ostrom started selling vegetables door to door when he was only 7 years old; since then, his business has expanded just a bit.

Rod Kass credits 24 years of success at Café Roka to his love for Bisbee, food, and the community.You can find owner Rod Kass cooking in the kitchen almost every night Café Roka is open.

Barbara Eiswerth started Iskashitaa Refugee Network to reduce food waste and connect refugees to the Tucson community. 14 years later, the organization continues to do just that and more. 

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