The Dish: September 2013

That one thing they should never take off the menu, featuring Downtown Kitchen, Feast, Mariscos Chihuahua, and Yoshimatsu.

September 12, 2013

Issue 2: September/October 2013The Plate



Lily’s Laotian Chicken & Pounded Papaya Salad

Downtown Kitchen

This simple but elegant salad comes stacked with fresh herbs, lime, and mango; the green beans, carrots, tomatoes, serrano chiles, fish sauce, and peanuts add heft to the fresh flavors. $7

135 S 6th Ave. – Downton Kitchen + Cocktails




Mac & Cheese


Topped with bread crumbs, this classic comes spiked with ground mustard making it a mac & cheese that bites back. Feast menu items change with the season; ask for your favorites.

3719 E Speedway Blvd. – Feast





Mariscos Chihuahua

There’s nothing that says south of the border like fresh ceviche; served with just-right chips, a bowl of this freshly seasoned ceviche might send you packing for the sea. Medium bowl, $8.95

356 East Grant Rd. – Mariscos Chihuahua




Veggie Tempura Bento Box


Putting a different spin on the idea of a lunch box, this bento box comes packed with veggie tempura, house-pickled cabbage, salad, curried potato, seaweed salad, nyu-men noodles, edamame, and tempura sauce. $10.95

2660 N Campbell Ave. – Yoshimatsu



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