The Plate: May 2014

That one thing they should never take off the menu.

May 1, 2014

Issue 6: May/June 2014The Plate

The Original Abbey Burger and Fries

The Abbey

Take refuge in the layers of this burger—two grilled English muffins contain two patties, cooked medium, along with bacon “jam,” caramelized onions, and white cheddar cheese. Monk’s robes not included. $14
6960 E. Sunrise Drive


Hot Corned Beef Sandwich, Jumbo Sized

Fifth Street Deli & Market

Baja Arizona’s only full-service kosher deli offers mouth-watering, mile-high sandwiches Sunday through Friday. As if you needed more than a stack of hot corned beef, it comes with potato salad and a half-sour deli pickle. $11.95
5071 E. Fifth St.


No. 1 Bagel

Café Passé

When a doughnut’s too sweet and toast is too light, sometimes all you need is a reliable bagel. At Passé, it comes toasted with cream cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, organic greens, and fresh basil. $4
415 N. Fourth Ave.


Squid and Pork Bulgogi

Kimchi Time

It’s a cornucopia—spicy seasoned squid and pork stir fried with vegetables, with multiple sides that change daily. Pictured: kimchi; house rice with wild black rice, white rice, sweet rice, fish cake, house tomato and cucumber salad, house potato salad, kaktugi, kimchi (Korean radish). $15.95
2900 E. Broadway Blvd.


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