The Plate: May 2015

That one thing they should never take off the menu.

May 9, 2015

Issue 12: May/June 2015The Plate

Enchiladas Bandera from Mi Casa.

Enchiladas Bandera

Mi Casa

The holy trio of enchiladas: steak, chicken, and cheese, each topped with one of Mi Casa’s signature sauces. Served with rice and beans … and a little bit of flare in the center. $8.99

732 W. Fourth St., Benson

Raviolo al Ciccolato from Pizzeria Mimosa.

Ravioli al Ciccolato

Pizzeria Mimosa

Filled with Italian dark chocolate cream and floating in a buttery frangelico sauce, these chocolate ravioli pillows are the definition of dreamy. Topped with fresh whipped cream, toasted hazelnuts, and red sea salt $15

4755 E. Neapolitan Way, Hereford

Catfish from Rodney’s Down Home Cooking.


Rodney’s Down Home Cooking

This dish lives up to the “down home” name—simple, comforting, filling. The lightly flowered and fried catfish comes with a side of seasoned green beans, dirty rice, and spiced beans. $7.95

Railroad Ave., Willcox

Kalbi-gui from SV Home Korean Restaurant.


SV Home Korean Restaurant

They’re sort of like grilled short ribs, but so much better. These beef ribs come marinated in homemade Korean barbeque sauce. Served with steamed rice and an array of traditional side dishes. $10.99

45 S. Garden Ave., Sierra Vista

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