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Five Can’t-Miss Vegan
Meals in Baja Arizona

Five mouthwatering meals that will make you forget about meat and dairy.

June 5, 2017

Can't Miss Meals

Cholla Salad from Tumerico: Local mixed greens are topped with earthy roasted beets, grilled avocado, turmeric, water chestnuts, and creamy tepary beans, then drizzled in a sweet balsamic vinaigrette. A dreamy, creamy treat. $12. 2526 E. Sixth St. 

Image credit: Shelby Thompson

Z.L.T. from Veg In A Box: “Zucchini bacon”, lettuce, and tomato are piled in a toasted gluten-free sourdough. The zucchini bacon may not be dripping in pork fat, but it sure hits the spot. Recommended with a side of beet and potato salad; the combination of veggies makes for a colorful but not overwhelming flavor profile. $9.75. 75 E Pennington St. 

Image credit: Rachel Wehr

Raw Rainbow Wrap from Urban Fresh: When you need a boost of raw energy. Sunflower seed paté, avocado, bell peppers, sunflower shoots, beets, carrots, and jicama come wrapped in collard greens and smothered in lemon cashew dressing. $8.25. 73 E. Pennington St.

Image credit: Maya Isabella Holzman

Garden Veggies Curry with Coconut Chutney from Govinda’s Natural Foods Buffet: Check online for daily specials. These organic garden veggies come simmered in coconut chutney, served over rice. Don’t forget the salad bar. $9.95. 711 E. Blacklidge Drive.

Image credit: Maya Isabella Holzman

Tacos de Coliflor from Tanias 33: Head to Tanias 33 for the meatiest of the veggie tacos: spicy deep fried cauliflower, cabbage, and jalapeños in a soft corn tortilla. $6 for two tacos. 614 N. Grande Ave. 

Image credit: Shelby Thompson



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