Voices: What do you eat at Tucson Meet Yourself?


November 11, 2016

Issue 21: November/December 2016Voices


I came to Tucson Meet Yourself to hang out and see people, to see different foods. It’s my first year here. Normally, the U of A is playing. They aren’t playing a home game today. I ordered ground beef tacos. It’s good food, they have a little bit of everything.

Ray Diaz


I love the variety of people here. This is my third time—I come down when the weather is nice. We got Hawaiian food. It’s a BBQ pork slider. Oh, my hat? It’s the perfect festival hat.

Ruben Pa


Alicia: I ordered vegetarian pad Thai. Andrew: I ordered Thai BBQ chicken. Alicia: We really come just to eat. It’s Tucson treat yourself. I haven’t had Thai food in awhile. Andrew: I’m so hungry and this is the first thing I saw.

Alicia Simon and Andrew Wes


I came here because of the churros—they make them right on the spot. Churros are the favorite food of several people I work with. I’m going to take them back to the office. I work for Pima County. A lot of the people here today are government people.

Roy Kline


I love Tucson Meet Yourself because it’s part of Tucson. It’s a wonderful way to get out and see people. I eat all the food here. The smell drew me into this place. I ordered chicken satay and egg rolls.

Maria Pia Minichiell


I ordered pancit—rice noodles with veggies—and egg rolls. I love seeing all the different cultures represented in our community. And I love getting Filipino food. I make a point to come every year to get some. The food is fantastic.

Jennifer Nichols


I ordered paella and sangria. I come to Tucson Meet Yourself just to try everything. It’s nice to get to know all the food downtown. The paella is so good. I work down here, at the Pima Justice Court.

Jessica Murillo


We come every year. We just got here and we’re both hungry. What we usually do is buy one thing and share it and then we can eat at all the vendors. We ordered an Indian fry bread taco, with ground beef, beans, lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes.

Poncella Quihuis


I work for Pima County. We have a booth here. I was walking through the festival and I got hungry so I stopped. I ordered three potato pancakes, with sour cream and applesauce. I love potatoes, so I’m sure I’ll love it.

Ben Changkakot


I drove nine hours for this festival from St. George, Utah. I heard that you’re a UNESCO site for food. So I came to eat your food! I got a tako yaki, a Japanese street food—it’s an octopus dumpling.

Debbie Justice ✜

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