Voices: How Would Students Change Food at UA?

We asked students at the University of Arizona:
What do you want to see changed about food on campus?

January 1, 2015

Issue 10: January/February 2015Voices
Photo by Dominic AZ  Bonucelli

Photo by Dominic AZ Bonucelli

From left to right:

I work as part of a Smart Moves initiative on campus. A dietician analyzes recipes, and if it fits our nutritional criteria, the food gets our symbol next to it—I wish more people knew about it. Also, it’d be helpful if the prices were lower for these healthier options because they tend to be more expensive.

Tiffany Doggett, Junior, Nutritional Science & Dietetics

We have a garden on Highland. It’d be cool to expand the garden—give students the opportunity to pick their own food. We have so many spaces—we could plant edible fruit trees.

Kashja Iler, Senior, Environmental Science

I think the menus should show calorie counts. A lot of people need to eat more calories to gain weight or reduce calories to lose it, but they don’t know how to calculate that—so it’d be instead of guessing. And it’d highlight healthy options.

Jenna Haggerty, Senior, Care, Health, & Society

I’d like to see more attention to different diets. I’m a vegetarian, and a lot of the stuff offered on campus isn’t really available to me. Undergrads are exploring who they want to be, and a big part of that is deciding the foods they want to eat.

Madeline Ryder, Senior, Conservation Biology

It’d be cool to see more local food on campus and offered on the meal plan. To see that the campus is supporting the local economy, to see students be more involved in stuff that’s happening here in Tucson. So much exciting stuff is happening and I feel like we’re kind of removed from that.

Ariana Manson, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology

I’d like to see more sustainable, local things. A lot of our restaurants are chains. I’d like to see local options. I’d been hassling the Student Union about changing back to compostable takeout containers. But of course, there are a lot of logistical constraints.

Nicholas Havey, Junior, Philosophy, Spanish, & Portuguese

We have a lot of ingenuity happening here—with LEAF, for example [Linking Edible Arizona Forests]. Everyone knows that there are meal plans. But not everyone knows that we harvested olives. That students harvest mesquite. There’s so much more we could do.

Emily Marderness, Freshman, Undeclared

The first thing is having healthier options open later. Especially on the weekends, they aren’t open—so you’re limited to fast food or chicken tenders. Park Student Union has a salad bar, but they close pretty early.

Emily Flink, Freshman, Physiology

The restaurants that have actual meals aren’t really open on the weekends. I really want grilled chicken, but I haven’t found a place that has it regularly.

Jaden Johnson, Freshman, Physics

I’d like to have more raw produce to cook with. It’s hard to find. Some students find the time to cook, and want to do it. I’d prefer to make my own stuff out of simple ingredients than eat something in a package.

Taylor Sanders, Junior, Agronomy

We need food that is not only healthy for the people consuming it, but also for the people growing it. Sustainable production of food needs to be taken into consideration when the Student Union sets up purchasing contracts. The U of A needs to sell food that’s priced at rates comparable for other grocery stores so that students with not as much money have access to healthy, sustainable options.

Katie Marascio, Senior, Environmental Science, Land, and Water

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